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Nepal and Himalayan Studies

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This series brings the larger Nepal and the Himalayan region to the centre stage of academic analysis and explores critical questions that confront the region, ranging from society, culture and politics to economy and ecology. The books in the series examine key themes concerning religion, ethnicity, language, identity, history, tradition, community, polity, democracy, as well as emerging issues regarding environment and development of this unique region.

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Multilingualism in Education in Nepal Ideology and Identity

Multilingualism in Education in Nepal: Ideology and Identity

1st Edition

By Laxman Ghimire
September 25, 2023

This book explores the development of multilingual policy in education in Nepal in sociopolitical and historical contexts and examines the frameworks of language use in schools. It investigates the dynamics and factors that influence the process of construction and appropriation of the policy of ...

Women in 'New Nepal' Through the Lens of Classed, Ethnic, and Gendered Peripheries

Women in 'New Nepal': Through the Lens of Classed, Ethnic, and Gendered Peripheries

1st Edition

By Seika Sato
March 23, 2023

This book brings rarely voiced lives and experiences of women in Nepal to light and combines rich ethnography with discourse analysis. Multifaceted and critical, the volume situates its narrative in the profoundly transformative period after the turn of the century when ‘New Nepal’ was rising on ...

The Politics of Ethnic Renewal in Darjeeling Gorkhas and the Struggle for Tribal Recognition

The Politics of Ethnic Renewal in Darjeeling: Gorkhas and the Struggle for Tribal Recognition

1st Edition

By Nilamber Chhetri
February 24, 2023

This book examines the nature of ethnopolitics evolving in the Darjeeling hills, located in the Eastern Himalayas. It highlights how in the wake of regional politics minorities pursue alternative avenues to attain rights and recognition. The book provides an astute analysis of competing claims of ...

Federation of Himalayan Kingdoms Looking for Greater Nepal

Federation of Himalayan Kingdoms: Looking for Greater Nepal

1st Edition

By Awadhesh C. Sinha
November 29, 2022

This book traces the history and politics of the Greater Nepal movement. It looks at major events in modern South Asia, in and around the Eastern Himalaya region in particular – colonialism, independence and partition, the Chinese aggression in Tibet, formation of Bangladesh, and the merger of ...

Democratisation in the Himalayas Interests, Conflicts, and Negotiations

Democratisation in the Himalayas: Interests, Conflicts, and Negotiations

1st Edition

Edited By Vibha Arora, N. Jayaram
July 15, 2019

Democratisation is a formidable task in the Himalayan region owing to its immense cultural heterogeneity. The process of democratisation has accentuated ethnic competition, assertion of identity, and demand for ethnic homelands to protect, safeguard, and promote political and development interests ...

Sex Work in Nepal The Making and Unmaking of a Category

Sex Work in Nepal: The Making and Unmaking of a Category

1st Edition

By Lisa Caviglia
June 10, 2019

This book explores ‘sex work’ in Nepal as a social and analytical category. Narrating stories of those subsumed under such definition, it examines changes as well as continuities characterising socio-cultural norms and perceptions through an analysis of sexual consumption. It also highlights the ...

The Himalayas and India-China Relations

The Himalayas and India-China Relations

1st Edition

By Devendra Nath Panigrahi
April 25, 2019

This book provides a systematic analysis of China's rise to power. It traces the complex contours of its relation with India, with the Himalayas prominently figuring in the discourse. Drawing on myths, legends, classical literature, archival resources and contemporary political and international ...

Dawn of Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Kingdoms The 20th Century

Dawn of Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Kingdoms: The 20th Century

1st Edition

By Awadhesh C. Sinha
November 05, 2018

This book traces the beginnings of democracy in the three Himalayan kingdoms of Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan. Charting the mobilisations and political experimentations that took place in the former buffer states under monarchies to establish democratic regimes, this book investigates their varying ...

Goddesses of Kathmandu Valley Grace, Rage, Knowledge

Goddesses of Kathmandu Valley: Grace, Rage, Knowledge

2nd Edition

By Arun Gupto
May 15, 2018

In South Asia goddesses are conceptualized and worshipped in a fascinatingrange of forms – from cosmic beings to bacterial manifestations, from human-like appearances to creatures with animal and insect semblances. This book maps the diverse identities of goddesses through metaphors of Grace, Rage ...

Conflict, Education and People's War in Nepal

Conflict, Education and People's War in Nepal

1st Edition

By Sanjeev Rai
February 20, 2018

This book presents an overview of the democracy movement and the history of education in Nepal. It shows how schools became the battleground for the state and the Maoists as well as captures emerging trends in the field, challenges for the state and negotiations with political commitments. It looks...

State, Society and Health in Nepal

State, Society and Health in Nepal

1st Edition

By Madhusudan Subedi
February 06, 2018

This book focuses on health, healing and health care in Nepal. It presents an intriguing picture: the interplay between the natural processes that cause ill health or diseases and the socio-cultural processes through which people try to understand and cope with them. The work places medical ...

Nepali Diaspora in a Globalised Era

Nepali Diaspora in a Globalised Era

1st Edition

Edited By Tanka B. Subba, A. C. Sinha
December 04, 2017

This is one of the first books to explore Nepali diaspora in a global context, across India and other parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Australia. It discusses the social, political and economic status and aspirations of the Nepali community worldwide. The essays in the volume cover ...

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