Neuroplasticity, Development, and Steroid Hormone Action: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Neuroplasticity, Development, and Steroid Hormone Action

1st Edition

Edited by Robert J. Handa, Shinji Hayashi, Ei Terasawa, Mitsuhiro Kawata

CRC Press

424 pages | 60 B/W Illus.

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Neuroplasticity, Development, and Steroid Hormone Action explores the effects of steroid hormones on brain development, function, and aging and is a compilation of cutting-edge research of concern to the disciplines of neurobiology, neuroendocrinology, endocrinology, and developmental biology. The experimental approaches covered range from molecular to behavioral and endocrine to neurobiological. The authors are noted neurobiologists and active researchers from the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Divided into five sections and containing scientific photographs, line drawings, tables, color illustrations, and graphs, this interesting and timely text covers the neuroplastic effects of steroid hormones throughout the lifetime of various animal models, such as bees, fish, lizards, turtles, birds, mice, rats, and primates. These sections focus on:

Ÿ The development and differentiation of neuroendocrine systems

Ÿ Steroid dependent brain differentiation

Ÿ The central regulation of hormone secretion

Ÿ Steroid hormones and neuroplasticity in the mature brain

Ÿ Steroid mediated mechanisms of cell growth and survival


"This volume is an outstanding compilation of cutting-edge reports from many of the leading investigators in this field that will catalyze new initiatives in steroid hormone neuroendocrinology… a must-read for every investigator interested in the molecular and systems-level actions of steroid hormones on the brain."

- James I. Koenig, Ph.D., Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and Secretary, American Neuroendocrine Society

Table of Contents

Development and Differentiation of the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and LHRH Neuronal Systems

Migration of Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH) Neurons: The Road to Reproductive Function, S. Wray

Role of Transcription Factors in the Development of the Hypothalamic Neuronendocrine System, H. Kawano, T. Noda, S. Kimura, and N. Osumi

Steroid Regulation of Cell Populations in the Insect Central Nervous System,S.E. Fahrbach, K.A. Klukas, and K.A. Mesce

Molecular Mechanisms of Thyroid Hormone Action in Brain Development, N. Koibuchi

Positioning Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Containing Cells During Hypothalamic Development, S.A. Tobet, T. Dellovade, K. Parker, and G. Homanics

The Role of Gluococorticoids and Retinoic Acid in Pituitary Endocrine Cell Differentiation, K. Inoue, H. Goda, C. Mogi, M. Tomida, and S. Tsurugano

Steroid Dependent Brain Differentiation

Do Sex Chromosomal Genes Directly Induce Sexually Dimorphic Neural Development, A.P. Arnold, R.J. Agate, L.L. Caruth, M. Patel, W. Perlman, B. Ramachandran, and J. Xu

Excitatory GABA as a Mediator of Steroid Induced Brain Sexual Differentiation, M.M. McCarthy, T.S. Perrot-Sinal, A.P. Auger, and M.J. Sickel

Progesterone and Sexual Differentiation of the Developing Brain, C.K. Wagner and P.S. Quadros

Transient Expression of Estrogen Receptor in the Developing Rat Brain: A Case in the Facial Nucleus, S. Hayashi

Ontogeny and Molecular Characterization of Estrogen Receptors in the Hippocampus, R.J. Handa, R.H. Price, Jr., C.A. Butler, and D.T. Solum

Central Regulation of Hormone Secretion

Hormones, Genes and Pulses: Lessons Learned from Immortalized Cells, M.A. Lawson and P.L. Mellon

Pulse Generation in LHRH Neurons, E. Terasawa

A Neuronal Control Circuit for the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Surge in Rats, T. Funabashi, K. Shinohara, and F. Kimura

Electrical Properteies of Postnatal GnRH Neurons in the Mouse and their Regulation by Gonadal Steroids, A.E. Herbison

Physiology of GnRH Neurons and Modulation of their Activities by GnRH, Y. Oka and H. Abe

Electrophysiological Analysis of GnRH Neurons Using a Transgenic Mouse Model, F.E. Dudek, W.A. Pouliot, C. Kuehl-Kovarik, R.A. DeFazio, K.M. Partin, R.J. Handa, and S.M. Moenter

Steroid Hormones and Neuroplasticity in the Mature Brain

Novel Estrogen Feedback Associated with Fasting-Induced Suppression of Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Female Rats, H. Tsukamura, M. Amelita C. Estacio, B.A.S. Reyes, and K. Maeda

Biochemical, Pharmacological and Functional Characterization of the Corticosterone Membrane Receptor in an Amphibian: A Brief Review, F.L. Moore

Different Subsets of Preoptic Neurons for Proceptive and Receptive Components of Female Rat Sexual Behavior, Y. Sakuma

Animal Models of Experiential Effects on Neural Metabolism: Plasticity in Limbic Circuits, J.T. Sakata, A. Gupta, and D. Crews

In Vivo and In Vitro Studies on Steroid Hormone Receptor and Co-Factors: Tissue Localization in the Brain and Intracellular Dynamics, M. Kawata, M. Nishi, K. Matsuda, H. Ogawa, I. Ochiai, and M. Yoshia

Differences in Chronic Stress Effects on Cognitive Function in Brain Neurochemistry, V. Luine, K. Beck, R. Bowman, and M. Kneavel

Steroid Mediated Mechanisms of Cell Growth and Survival

In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches to the Study of the Neuroprotective Actions of Estradiol, P.M. Wise, M.E. Wilson, D.B. Dubal, and S.W. Rau

Neuroprotective Effects of Estrogen in Nigral Dopaminergic Neurons. H. Sawada and S. Shimohama

Novel Cerebellar Function: Neurosteroids in the Purkinje Neurons and their Genomic and Non-Genomic Actions, K. Tsutsui, K. Ukena and H. Sakamoto

Potential Mechanisms for the Effects of Estrogen on Cognitive Processes: Role of Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Projections, R.B. Gibbs

Male Reproductive Defects in Puromycin-Sensitive Aminopeptidase Deficient Mice, G.T. Takeuchi

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