1st Edition

New Chinese Migrations Mobility, Home, and Inspirations

Edited By Yuk Wah Chan, Sin Yee Koh Copyright 2018
    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With the rapid economic development of China and the overall shift in the global political economy, there is now the emergence of new Chinese on the move. These new Chinese migrants and diasporas are pioneers in the establishment of multiple homes in new geographical locations, the development of new (global and hybrid) Chinese identities, and the creation of new (political, economic and social) inspirations through their mobile lives.

    This book identifies and examines new forms and paths of Chinese migration since the 1980s. It provides updated trends of migration movements of the Chinese, including their emergent geographies. With chapters highlighting the diversities and complexities of these new waves of Chinese migration, this volume offers novel insights to enrich our understanding of Asian mobility in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

    The book will be of interest to academics examining migration, mobility, diaspora, Chinese identity, overseas Chinese studies and Asian diaspora studies.

    Part I: New Migrants from Mainland China

    1. From Chinatown to China’s Town? The Newest Chinese Diaspora and the Socio-economic and Cultural Transformation of Sydney’s Chinatown and Beyond, Alexandra Wong & Ien Ang

    2. The New Chinese Immigrants in Japan: Longing and Belonging in an Ethno-National Society, Gracia Liu-Farrer

    3. New Chinese Migrants from China to New Zealand: Pathways, Mobility, Multigenerational Families and Policy Implications, Liangni Sally Liu & Xiaoan Wu

    4. Realising the ‘Chinese Dream’: Chinese Migrants in West Africa, Katy N. Lam

    5. Transnational Circuit and Yemen-China Migrations: An Emerging China-Arab Connection, Wai-Yip Ho

    Part II: The HK-Taiwan-China Migration Triangle

    6. The Paradox between Deterritorialisation and Reterritorialisation: Student Migration across the Taiwan Strait, Pei-chia Lan

    7. Intra-Asian Infrastructures of Chinese Birth Tourism: Agencies’ Operations in China and Taiwan, Sean H. Wang

    8. Life ‘Offshored’: New Migrations to Taiwan from Post-1997 Hong Kong, Yuk Wah Chan and Heidi Fung

    9. Beipiao and Gangpiao: Young Chinese Migrants’ Drifting Experiences in Beijing and Hong Kong, Linda Yin-nor Tjia and Wing-Chung Ho

    Part III: The ongoing migration of Chinese overseas from Southeast Asia

    10. Why Stay? Comparing Malaysian Chinese Skilled Migrants in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, Kok Chung Ong

    11. Diverse Migration Geographies of Tertiary-Educated Malaysian-Chinese Migrants: Anything New? Sin Yee Koh

    12. Immigration and Shifting Conceptions of Citizenship: The Case of Stateless Chinese-Bruneians in Canada, Amanda R. Cheong

    Part IV: Conclusion

    13. New Directions for Overseas Chinese and Migration Studies: Migrants, State-Diaspora Relations and Transborder Governance, Yuk Wah Chan


    Yuk Wah Chan is Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests cover international migration, tourism, borderland, identity, food and death studies. She has published a number of volumes on Asian migration and diasporas and is one of the Series Editors of the Routledge Series on Asian Migration.

    Sin Yee Koh is Assistant Professor (Geography) at the Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Her research is positioned at the intersections of migration studies and urban studies.

    "The editors Yuk Wah Chan and Sin Yee Koh’s understanding of ‘Chinese’ is not based around ethnic lines such as the Han minzu instead they interpret identity as a ‘cultural concept’, pliable yet durable (p.6). Therefore, by Chinese they understand those people who consider themselves culturally/historically connected to China and Chinese culture (p.4)."

    Dr Eram Ashraf, Independent Scholar, Journal of Asian Ethnicity, Vol. 19, 2018 - Issue 3