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Routledge Series on Asian Migration

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Asia is the most dynamic region of human mobility in terms of who moves, the number of movers, and for what reason and by which means. Asian countries are receivers, senders and transit places for both long-term and short-term migrants, hosting growing migrant communities from around the world, and at the same time witnessing shifting cultural geographies formed by growing Asian diasporas.
This series addresses various dynamic trends of international migration in Asia as a regional and global phenomenon and the growing presence of Asian communities within and beyond Asia. It brings together interests in critical migration studies from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives and research undertaken from a variety of methods, focusing on the experiences of migrants and factors influencing migration. 
Books in the series broaden the discussions of the relationship between migration and globalization, regionalization, transnationalism, development, governance, postcolonialism, crises, identity and diaspora. They address specific socio-cultural, economic and political dynamics – such as gender, intersectional relations, population, family and marriage patterns, new class or group formation, and the transformation of values and belief systems – that have been brought about by Asian migration.  

This series highlights Asia as a region with robust migration movements, and consequential social changes. It welcomes submissions from prominent scholars in Asian Migration studies as well as emerging scholars with empirically rich and updated research from all disciplines ranging from any social sciences, policy studies, business studies to law. 

Editorial Board: Francis Collins, University of Waikato, New Zealand; Steven J. Gold, Michigan State University, USA; David Haines, George Mason University, USA; Pei-Chia Lan, National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Jonathan Lee, San Francisco State University, USA; Johan Lindquist, Stockholm University, Sweden; Nana Oishi, University of Melbourne, Australia; Willem van Schendel, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Biao Xiang, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany; Brenda Yeoh, National University of Singapore

Please send your enquiry to one of the series editors or the Routledge editor, Dorothea Schaefter: [email protected]

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The Criminalisation of People Smuggling in Indonesia and Australia Asylum out of reach

The Criminalisation of People Smuggling in Indonesia and Australia: Asylum out of reach

1st Edition


By Antje Missbach
January 29, 2024

This book offers an ethnographically informed critique of the hyper-politicised debate on the facilitation of irregularised migration for people seeking asylum between Indonesia and Australia. While state authorities decry such facilitation as “people smuggling” and push for its criminalisation, ...

New Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand Floating families?

New Chinese Immigrants in New Zealand: Floating families?

1st Edition

By Liangni Sally Liu, Guanyu Jason Ran
September 25, 2023

This book focuses on new immigrant families from the People’s Republic of China to New Zealand and investigates how these families have adapted to New Zealand immigration policy regime, which does not accommodate their cultural preference to live as multigenerational families easily. The book ...

Protecting the Rights of Women Migrant Domestic Workers Structural Violence and Competing Interests in the Philippines and Sri Lanka

Protecting the Rights of Women Migrant Domestic Workers: Structural Violence and Competing Interests in the Philippines and Sri Lanka

1st Edition

By Sophie Henderson
September 25, 2023

Migrant women across Asia disproportionately work in precarious, insecure, and informal employment sectors that are subject to few regulations, pay low wages, and expose women to harm, of which domestic work is among the most prevalent. This book uses the cases of the Philippines and Sri Lanka to ...

Safe Migration and the Politics of Brokered Safety in Southeast Asia

Safe Migration and the Politics of Brokered Safety in Southeast Asia

1st Edition

By Sverre Molland
January 09, 2023

The book investigates how the United Nations, governments, and aid agencies mobilise and instrumentalise migration policies and programmes through a discourse of safe migration. Since the early 2000s, numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UN agencies, and governments have warmed to the ...

African Migration to Thailand Race, Mobility, and Integration

African Migration to Thailand: Race, Mobility, and Integration

1st Edition

Edited By Elżbieta M. Goździak, Supang Chantavanich
September 07, 2022

This book, based on exploratory ethnographic research, analyzes the experiences of African migrants in Thailand. Thailand has always been a regional migration hub with Africans being the most recent. Sitting at the intersection of race and migration studies, this book focuses on the challenges ...

Immigration Governance in East Asia Norm Diffusion, Politics of Identity, Citizenship

Immigration Governance in East Asia: Norm Diffusion, Politics of Identity, Citizenship

1st Edition

Edited By Gunter Schubert, Franziska Plümmer, Anastasiya Bayok
May 30, 2022

This book analyzes immigration policies in East Asia in the context of contemporary global migration flows and mobility. To assess how global norms of migration have impacted the East Asian migration region and explore regional migration trends, the book contains 13 case studies which investigate ...

Racism and Resistance among the Filipino Diaspora Everyday Anti-racism in Australia

Racism and Resistance among the Filipino Diaspora: Everyday Anti-racism in Australia

1st Edition

By Kristine Aquino
March 31, 2021

Filipino migrants constitute one of the largest global diasporas today. In Australia, Filipino settlement is markedly framed by the country’s on-going nation-building project that continues to racialise immigrants and delineate the possibilities and limits of belonging to the national community. ...

New Chinese Migrations Mobility, Home, and Inspirations

New Chinese Migrations: Mobility, Home, and Inspirations

1st Edition

Edited By Yuk Wah Chan, Sin Yee Koh
August 14, 2020

With the rapid economic development of China and the overall shift in the global political economy, there is now the emergence of new Chinese on the move. These new Chinese migrants and diasporas are pioneers in the establishment of multiple homes in new geographical locations, the development of ...

Sri Lanka’s Remittance Economy A Multiscalar Analysis of Migration-Underdevelopment

Sri Lanka’s Remittance Economy: A Multiscalar Analysis of Migration-Underdevelopment

1st Edition

By Matt Withers
May 24, 2019

Employing a multiscalar approach to migration outcomes, spanning individual households, local communities, the macroeconomy and global patterns of capital accumulation, this book demonstrates how cumulatively causal processes at structural, institutional and agency levels have forged a precariously...

Asylum-Seeking Journeys in Asia Refugees in Hong Kong and Bangkok

Asylum-Seeking Journeys in Asia: Refugees in Hong Kong and Bangkok

1st Edition

By Terence Chun Tat Shum
March 15, 2019

This book looks in detail at the journeys to asylum in Asia which are largely neglected in the media and academic analyses, despite Asia becoming the most essential region for asylum, receiving refugees from both within and outside of the continent.  Treating asylum-seeking journeys as a ...

International Migrants in China's Global City The New Shanghailanders

International Migrants in China's Global City: The New Shanghailanders

1st Edition

By James Farrer
January 14, 2019

Long a source of migrants, China has now become a migrant destination. In 2016, government sources reported that nearly 900,000 foreigners were working in China, though international migrants remain a tiny presence at the national level. Shanghai is China’s most globalized city and has attracted a ...

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