1st Edition

New Contributions to Monetary Analysis The Foundations of an Alternative Economic Paradigm

    280 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    278 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

     This book sheds light on some of the most recent developments in monetary analysis which offer a theoretical framework for a renewed monetary approach and related policy extensions. It points to recent research on what a consistent and broad-scope monetary theory could be based in the twenty-first century. It highlights new interpretations of monetary theory as put forth by some leading economists since the eighteenth century and new developments in the analysis of current monetary issues.

    Introduction: Renewal of Monetary Analysis: Raising the Stakes? Faruk Ülgen  Part I: Marchands, Salariat et Capitalistes of Carlo Benetti and Jean Cartilier: What is at Stake?  1. After Thirty Years Carlo Benetti and Jean Cartelier  2. A Few Questions Left Unansawered Ramón Tortajada  3. Nominalism and Money in C. Benetti and J. Cartiller Arnaud Berthoud  Part II: Money in the History of Economic Thought: Some New Interpretations  4. Processes of Monetary Exchange: Some Historical Disappearance of Money José M. Menudo  5. Unit of Account and Means of Payment: From Benetti and Cartelier to David Ricardo Ghislain Deleplace  6. Monetary Objectivity and Physical Objectivity in Marx's Reproduction Model Carlo Benetti, Alain Béraud, Edith Klimovsky, Antoine Rebeyrol  7. Economics Without Equality? Lord Meghnad Desai  8. A History of the Evolution of the Hahn Process: The Role of the Introduction of a Means of Exchange John Perdomo  9. Monetary Production Economy versus Real Exchange Economy: An Appraisal of Keynes's Contributtion to the Analysis of the Actual Monetary Economy Claude Gnos  Part III: The Basis for Monetary Analysis: A Suggested Theoretical Framework and its Extensions  10. The Monetary Constitution of Capitalism Fabrice Tricou  11. Beyond Modern Academic Theory of Money: From 'Flat Money' to 'Payment System' Jean Cartelier  12. Coordination in Economy: An Essay on Money Faruk Ülgen  13. Money, Banks, and Payments: The Structureal Factors of Financial Instability and Systemic Crises Sergio Rossi  14. Can Investment Solve the 'Paradox of Profit' in Monetary Economy? Edouard Cottin-Euziol  15. Fairness, Financial Rents and Conflict: Wage-Earning in a Post-Keynesian Institutionalist Approach and its Macroeconomic Implications Guglielmo Forges Davanzati and Guido Tortorella Esposito  16. Money in the Socialist Economy Guy Bensimon  17. The Monetary Approach by Benetti & Cartelier and the Teaching of Economics: The Experience in Colombia José Félix Cataño


    Faruk Ülgen is Head of the Department of Economics and Management (Bachelor's Degree), Branch campus of Valence, Grenoble University, France.

    Ramón Tortajada is Emeritus Professor - Grenoble University, France.

    Matthieu Méaulle is Economic advisor, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

    Rémi Stellian is Teaching Assistant, Distance, University of, University of Grenoble, France and University of Fribourg, Switzerland

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