1st Edition

Nitric Oxide, Cell Signaling, and Gene Expression

Edited By Santiago Lamas Copyright 2006
    452 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Since the nineteenth century, when engineers were using nitroglycerin to blow up rockbeds, and doctors were prescribing it to relieve angina, scientists have been exploring the incredible and often baffling behavior of nitric oxide. In the 1980s, researchers discovered that nitric oxide had the capacity to regulate vascular tone through cyclic GMP, firmly establishing its role as a physiological mediator. Over the last ten years, still further roles have been discovered that relate to nitric oxide’s unique ability to interact with and modify a wide variety of other molecules and regulators including glutathione, as well as macromolecules such as DNA and proteins.

    Nitric Oxide, Cell Signaling, and Gene Expression is the first comprehensive work to showcase the highly useful diversity of cellular effects elicited by nitric oxide. A collection of expert contributors provides cutting-edge information on a variety of topics with tremendous implications in the fields of biology and medicine. These include…

  • Nitric oxide-driven cell signaling mediated by cGMP, GTPases, and S-nitrosylation
  • Nitric oxide’s role in hypoxia, gene expression, post-transcriptional control of gene expression, gene regulation in pulmonary pathophysiology, and tumor biology
  • The intriguing concept of mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase as a regulator of mitochondrial bioenergetics and free radical production
  • Modulation of cell metabolism
  • Nitric Oxide, Cell Signaling, and Gene Expression offers cell and molecular biologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, and biomedical researchers, as well as advanced graduate students, the insight and information they need to understand recent developments in this highly fertile area of research.

    Table of Contents
    Nitric Oxide Controls Cell Respiration by Reacting with Mitochondrial Complex IV: Paolo Sarti, Alessandro Giuffrè, and Maurizio Brunori
    Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide Signaling in Synaptic Plasticity and Cell Death: Alberto Boveris, Silvia Lores-Arnaiz, Juanita Bustamante, and Analía Czerniczyniec
    Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide and Redox Signaling Modulation of Cell Behavior: María Cecilia Carreras, Soledad Galli, Daniela P. Converso, Juan José Poderoso, and Enrique Cadenas
    Functions of Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide Synthase: Pedram Ghafourifar and Alfredo Saavedra-Molina
    Peroxynitrite: A Mediator of Nitric-Oxide-Dependent Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Pathology: Celia Quijano, Adriana Cassina, Laura Castro, Marianela Rodriguez, and Rafael Radi
    Modulation of Glucose Metabolism by Nitric Oxide\ in Astrocytes and Neurons: Juan P. Bolaños, María Delgado-Esteban, Pilar Cidad, Paula García-Nogales, and Angeles Almeida
    Nitric Oxide Cell Signaling Mediated by cGMP: Emil Martin, Iraida Sharina, Aurora Rachel Seminara, Joshua Krumenacker, and Ferid Murad
    Regulation of Cell Signaling by Protein Nitrosylation/Denitrosylation: Joan B. Mannick
    Nitric Oxide and Caspase Activation: Judith Haendeler and Stefanie Dimmeler
    Signaling Effects of Peroxynitrite in Mammalian Cells: Lars-Oliver Klotz
    Nitric Oxide and Cell Signaling: Redox Regulation of Ras Superfamily GTPases: Jongyun Heo and Sharon L. Campbell
    Nitric Oxide and the Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1Transducing System: Jie Zhou and Bernhard Brüne
    The Cross Talk between Nitric Oxide and Ceramide: Coordinate Interactions among Signaling Pathways Regulating Cell Death, Survival, and Differentiation: Cristiana Perrotta, Clara De Palma, Sestina Falcone, and Emilio Clementi
    S-Nitrosothiol Signaling and Gene Regulation in Pulmonary Pathophysiology: Khalequz Zaman, Lisa A. Palmer, and Benjamin Gaston
    Nitric Oxide and Gene Expression: Josef Pfeilschifter and Karl-Friedrich Beck
    Nitric Oxide as a Modifier of Gene Expression Nitric Oxide and Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression by the IRE/IRP System: Leonor Oliveira, Cécile Bouton , and Jean-Claude Drapier
    Nitric Oxide and Tumor Biology: Pierre Sonveaux and Olivier Feron



    Santiago Lamas

    “… is very timely, bringing readers up to date with various facets of the work being carried out. … For an in-depth discussion of certain aspects of nitric oxide in mammalian systems, this is a very good book to read, with the excellent referencing that will allow for expanded further reading. …”
    — John T Hancock, School of Biosciences, University of the West of England, U.K., in The Quartely Review of Biology, Vol. 81, December 2006