1st Edition

Nk Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity Receptors, Signaling, and Mechanisms

By Eva Lotzova Copyright 1992
    512 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This volume provides a state-of-the-art survey of developments in the field of NK cell-cancer cell interactions, activation, and oncolytic signaling. Specific topics discussed include NK cell receptors and adhesion molecules, signal transduction and activation, and mechanisms of cytotoxicity. The book will be an excellent learning tool and reference resource for scientists, clinicians, and students.

    NK CELL RECEPTORS AND ADHESION MOLECULES. Molecular Cloning of Human and Murine Natural Killer Cell Tumor Recognition Proteins (Stephen K. Anderson). Structure and Function of the CD16:z:g NK Receptor Complex (Paul Anderson and Eric Viver). Molecular Characterization of a Novel NK Cell Signal Transduction Molecule: NKR-P1 (Roberto Giorda, Edward P. Weisberg, Edward P. Tagge, and Massimo M. Trucco). Modulation of Function-Associated Molecules on Natural Killer Cells Alters Recognition and Cytotoxicity (David T. Harris, Liliana Jaso-Friedmann, and Donald L. Evans). Bright Phenotype of Adhesion Molecules on Lymphocytes with High Oncolytic Function (Eva Lotzová and C.A. Savary). Human NK Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs) (Daniela Zarcone, Giannamaria Cerruti, Claudya Tenca, Giuseppe Arancia, Walter Malorni, Francesca Iosi, and Carlo E. Grossi). Fibronectin Receptors on NK Cells (Angela Santoni, Angela Gismondi, Gabriella Palmieri, Stefania Morrone, Fabrizio Mainiero, Giorgio Santoni, Martin J. Humphries, Mario Piccoli, and Luigi Frati). Function of the Fibronectin Receptor on Human NK Cells (Eero Saksela, Kristina Somersalo, Tamas Magyarlaki, and Ismo Virtanen). Interaction of Human Natural Killer Cells with the Vascular Endothelium: Characterization of Their Migratory Ability and Adhesive Molecules (Paola Allavena, GianCarlo Bianchi, Carla Paganin, Ines Martin-Padura, Barbara Bottazzi, Miranda Apiranthitou Drogari, Mirella Gaboli, PierCarlo Marchisio, and Alberto Mantovani). SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND ACTIVATION. Signal Transduction Mechanisms in NK Cell Cytotoxicity (Zacharie Brahmi). Signal Transduction During NK Cell Activation (Paul J. Leibson). Shared Structural and Functional Motifs for Signal Transduction in T Lymphocytes and Natural Killer Cells (Ian C. S. Kennedy, John R. Ortaldo, and John J. O'Shea). Characterization and Functional Significance of NKR-P1 (3.2.3 Antigen): A Novel Triggering Molecule (William H. Chambers, Albert B. DeLeo, Nikola L. Vujanovic, Ronald B. Herberman, and Michael W. Olszowy). Role of IL-2 Receptors in NK Cell Activation and Proliferation (Michael J. Robertson and Jerome Ritz). Functional Activities of Fc Receptors on NK Cells (Donna L. Farber and Duane W. Sears). Leukocyte Function Antigen and CD16 Adhesion and Signaling in Antibody-Dependent NK Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (Bruce S. Edwards, Hector A. Nolla, and Robyn R. Hoffman). Gene Up-Regulation in NK Cell Activation (Rebecca P. Schall and Carol A. Dahl). cDNA Clones Specific for NK and T Cells (Jeffrey P. Houchins). Novel Signaling Molecules on Rat NK Cells (John B. Imboden and William E. Seaman). TcR Activation of CD8-Mediated CTL Binding to Class I Protein (Matthew F. Mescher and Anne M. O'Rourke). MECHANISMS OF CYTOTOXICITY: MOLECULES AND PHENOMENA ASSOCIATED WITH EFFECTOR CELLS AND TARGET CELLS. Characterization of a Sulfatase From Granules of Natural Killer (NK) Cells (Andrew A. Amoscoto, Anne M. Brumfield, Stephanie B. Sansoni, Ronald B. Herberman, and WIlliam H. Chambers). Serine Esterases in Normal and IL-2 Activated Rat NK Cells (F. Velotti, G. Palmieri, and A. Santoni). Cytotoxic Activity of RBL Cells Transfected with the Cytolysin/Perforin Gene (John W. Shiver and Pierrre A. Henkart). Inhibition of T Cell Cytotoxicity With Antisense Perforin Oligonucleotides (Hans Acha-Orbea and Jürg Tschopp). Resistance of Effector Cells to Perforin-Mediated Cytolysis (M. Fátima M. Horta, David M. Ojicius, and John Ding-E Young). Characterization of a Membrane-Associated Cytotoxin on Activated or Leukemia Natural Killer Cells (Raymond E. Felgar, Richard P. Kitson, J. Scott Cairns, Ronald B. Herberman, and Ronald H. Goldfarb). Natural Killer - Resistance Inducing Factor (NK-RIF): A Novel Immunomodulatory Cytokine (Rajiv K. Saxena, Queen B. Saxena, Apurva Sarin, and Ronald B. Herberman). A Multifunctional Perspective of the CD8 Molecule (Mark L. Tykocinski and David R. Kaplan). Natural Killer Cell - B Lymphocyte Interactions: The Role of Target Cell Major Histocompatibility Class I Molecules (Jeffrey R. Dawson, Richard M. Wyatt, and Walter J. Storkus). Triggers Involved in NK Cells and T Lymphocytes Oncolysis (Eva Lotzová, C.A. Savary, and Paolo M. Cristoforoni). Subpopulations of Human CD3-, CD16+ NK Cells Identified by MoAb Directed to Triggering Surface Molecules: Correlation with Specific Alloantigen Recognition (Alessandro Moretta, Cristina Bottino, Daniela Pende, Gino Tripodi, Anna Maria Orengo, Ermanno Ciccone, and Lorenzo Moretta). Mechanisms of Lysis by Murine Cytolytic and Helper T Cell Clones (David W. Lancki, M. McKisic, C.-S. Hsieh, and F.W. Fitch).


    Eva Lotzova