1st Edition

No Outsiders in Our School Teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools

By Andrew Moffat Copyright 2016

    This brand new resource provides much needed support for every primary school in the delivery of the objectives outlined in the Equality Act 2010; and in the provision of personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) for every child.

    It provides teachers with a curriculum that promotes equality for all sections of the community. But more than that, the resource aims to bring children and parents on board from the start so that children leave primary school happy and excited about living in a community full of difference and diversity, whether that difference is through ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion.

    The resource includes 5 lesson plans for every primary school year group (EYFS- Y6) based upon a selection of 35 picture books. Issues addressed include gender and gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age.

    There is an introductory chapter explaining the legal framework behind the resource, quoting Ofsted and the DfE. A second chapter focuses on creating the whole school ethos through assemblies, school displays and after school clubs. A third chapter focuses on engaging parents.

    List of figures, List of tables, Preface, Chapter One. Introduction, Chapter Two. Preparing your path – creating the whole-school ethos, Chapter Three. Assemblies – creating the whole-school ethos, Chapter Four. Engaging parents – lessons learned from three schools, Chapter Five. Simple answers to challenging questions, Chapter Six. Coming out in primary schools, Chapter Seven. The resource, Appendix, References


    Andrew Moffat has been a full time teacher for 20 years and is currently the Assistant Head Teacher in a large primary school in inner city Birmingham.

    "This resource is valuable in helping schools to meet the requirements of the OFSTED Inspection framework, which requires schools to encourage "good behaviour and respect for others on the part of pupils and (to) prevent all forms of bullying among pupils". It would also help schools to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2011." — Amanda Daniels, Principal Educational Psychologist, ISEC

    "There has been much talk of late in the field of education on the promotion of British values and the vital role that schools can play in this process. Linked to this are Government ambitions to prevent the radicalisation of young people and encourage an appreciation of difference around family structures. As tends to be the way with government ambition there is little guidance to support the process. This is why the publication of "No Outsiders in Our School" is timely to say the least.

    Here is a well-structured and user friendly resource which presents a whole school approach to the delivery of an environment and curriculum which promotes equality. The resource includes detailed lesson plans for use in PSHE and Literacy which provide powerful and crucial messages, such as we are all different and how to challenge racism, in an engaging and child centred way via the utilisation of fiction as a vehicle for learning. The power of storytelling is well evidenced. Story books include the award winning "And Tango Made Three", the ever popular "The Family Book" and the thought provoking "The Island". Linked to 'outstanding' PSHE teaching the potential here for developing the skills and knowledge relevant to promoting equality, are enormous. Hence the market for this resource includes all those involved in primary settings and as such is large.

    The credibility of "No Outsiders in Our School" is further increased by the fact that it's author - Andy Moffat - has a history of producing successful, story book projects for schools. He is, in my opinion, an expert on not only providing the detail of how to promote equality in schools, he is also a shining example from an award winning school of actually doing it. He practises what he promotes and knows that it works. Andy belonged to the award winning "No Outsiders" Project.

    This resource has a place in all primary settings. The messages it contains are crucial if we are to provide the circumstances and environment where equality for all is part of our psyche and culture. The fact that the promotion of emotional intelligence runs through this resource like a stick of rock is something that 'outstanding' schools will be keen to develop further and those that aspire to this status will value as part of the blueprint for its achievement." — Annie Hargreaves, Retired Senior Education Adviser & former member of IAGTP

    "It has worked incredibly well at Parkfield School because the whole staff team is supporting and promoting the ethos, which gives it authenticity. The books and lesson plans have enabled our teachers and children to talk confidently about equalities and this, building on the relational trust and dialogue we have with our parents, has made the strategy a success." — Andrew Moffat, Author