1st Edition

Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics

    562 Pages 242 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In addition to introducing the basics of plasma physics, Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics is a comprehensive presentation of recent developments in the rapidly growing field of nonthermal plasma chemistry. The book offers a detailed discussion of the fundamentals of plasma chemical reactions and modeling, nonthermal plasma sources, relevant diagnostic techniques, and selected applications.

    Elucidating interconnections and trends, the book focuses on basic principles and illustrations across a broad field of applications. Expert contributors address environmental aspects of plasma chemistry. The book also includes selected plasma conditions and specific applications in volume plasma chemistry and treatment of material surfaces such as plasma etching in microelectronics, chemical modification of polymer surfaces and deposition of functional thin films. Designed for students of plasma physics, Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics is a concise resource also for specialists in this and related fields of research.

    Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Processes of General Interest
    Physics of Nonthermal Plasmas
    Nonthermal Plasma Chemical Reactors
    Elementary Processes on Surfaces in Plasma–Wall Interaction
    Plasma Diagnostics
    Surface and Thin Film Analysis
    Selected Applications
    Modeling and Simulation
    Trends and New Concepts


    Jurgen Meichsner, Martin Schmidt, Ralf Schneider, Hans-Erich Wagner