1st Edition

Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering (NUMGE 2010)

Edited By Thomas Benz, Steinar Nordal Copyright 2000

    Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering contains 153 scientific papers presented at the 7th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering, NUMGE 2010, held at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, 2–4 June 2010.

    The contributions cover topics from emerging research to engineering practice, and are organized into the following sections:

    - Constitutive modeling;

    - Computer codes and algorithms;

    - Discontinuum and particulate modeling;

    - Large deformation – large strain analysis;

    - Flow and consolidation;

    - Unsaturated soil mechanics;

    - Artificial intelligence;

    - Reliability and probability analysis;

    - Dynamic problems and Geohazards;

    - Slopes and cuts;

    - Embankments, shallow foundations, and settlements;

    - Piles;

    - Deep excavations and retaining walls;

    - Tunnels and caverns;

    - Ground improvement modeling;

    - Offshore geotechnical engineering;

    - Numerical methods and Eurocode.

    The book is of special interest to academics and engineers in geotechnical engineering.

    Constitutive modelling

    A non-associated creep model for structured anisotropic clay (n-SAC)
    G. Grimstad & S.A. Degago

    A state dependent constitutive model for sand-structure interfaces
    A. Lashkari

    Adaptive integration of hypoplasticity
    W. Fellin, M. Mittendorfer &A. Ostermann

    An anisotropic bubble model for soft clays
    N. Sivasithamparam, D. Kamrat-Pietraszewska & M. Karstunen

    An anisotropic model for structured soils
    G. Belokas & M. Kavvadas

    An examination of strain space versus stress space for the formulation of elastoplastic constitutive models
    K.C. Ellison, K. Soga & B. Simpson

    Anisotropic small strain stiffness within the multilaminate framework
    B. Schädlich & H.F. Schweiger

    Application of discontinuity layout optimization to problems involving non-associative friction
    A.F. Babiker, C.C. Smith & M. Gilbert

    Associated plasticity for nonassociated frictional materials
    K. Krabbenhoft, A.V. Lyamin & S.W. Sloan

    Comparison of methods for calculation of settlements of soft clay
    H.P. Jostad & S.A. Degago

    Effect of yield surface shape on the simulated elasto-plastic response of cohesive soils
    A.G. Papadimitriou, A.D. Vranna, Y.F. Dafalias & M.T. Manzari

    Impact of input data on soil model calibration using Genetic Algorithms
    D. Taborda, A. Pedro, P.A.L.F. Coelho & D. Antunes

    Influence of destructuration of soft clay on time-dependant settlements
    D.F.T. Nash

    Modeling liquefaction behavior of sands by means of hypoplastic model
    A.B. Tsegaye, F. Molenkamp, R.B.J. Brinkgreve, P.G. Bonnier, R. de Jager &V. Galavi

    Modeling of creep mechanism and damage of rock salt
    B. Leuger, K. Staudtmeister, S. Yıldırım & D. Zapf

    Modeling static liquefaction within multilaminate framework
    A.B. Tsegaye, V. Galavi, R.B.J. Brinkgreve, R. de Jager, F. Molenkamp & P.G. Bonnier

    On the differences between the Drucker-Prager criterion and exact implementation of the Mohr-Coulomb criterion in FEM calculations
    J. Clausen, L. Andersen & L. Damkilde

    Simulation of mechanical behaviour of Toyoura sand using Severn Trent constitutive model
    S. Miliziano, G.M. Rotisciani & F.M. Soccodato

    Soil parameter identification for cyclic loading
    A. Papon, Z.-Y. Yin, K. Moreau, Y. Riou & P.-Y. Hicher

    Study of tensorial damage in a porous geomaterial
    M. Mozayan Kharazi, C. Arson & B. Gatmiri

    Time- and stress-compressibility of clays during primary consolidation
    S.A. Degago, H.P. Jostad, M. Olsson, G. Grimstad & S. Nordal

    Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of laboratory test simulations using an elastoplastic model
    F. Lopez-Caballero &A. Modaressi-Farahmand-Razavi

    Validation of empirical formulas to derive model parameters for sands
    R.B.J. Brinkgreve, E. Engin & H.K. Engin

    Computer codes and algorithms

    3D parallel computing FEA in offshore foundation design
    L. Andresen, H. Sturm, M. Vöge & K. Skau

    70-line 3D finite deformation elastoplastic finite-element code
    W.M. Coombs, R.S. Crouch & C.E. Augarde

    A simple time stepping algorithm for material point method
    W.T. Sołowski & D. Sheng

    Analysis of the stability of sheet pile walls using Discontinuity Layout Optimization
    S.D. Clarke, C.C. Smith & M. Gilbert

    Application of Discontinuity Layout Optimization to geotechnical limit analysis problems
    M. Gilbert, C.C. Smith, I.W. Haslam &T.J. Pritchard

    Enhancing solution procedures of a new numerical scheme for dynamic analysis of soil-structure interaction problems
    M.H. Bazyar & Ch. Song

    Numerical bearing capacity computation and load-displacement behavior of shallow foundations by stress level based ZEL method
    M. Jahanandish, M. Veiskarami &A. Ghahramani

    Simple quality indicators for FE analysis based on stress maps for Gauss points
    C. Vulpe, N. Droniuc, E. Bourgeois & Ph. Mestat

    The upper bound limit analysis of bearing capacity problems using the finite element method
    A.I.M. AL-Janabi, A.A.R. Orabi &A.Y.A. Baqir

    Discontinuum and particulate modelling

    A numerical simulation on centrifuge liquefaction model using microscopic fluid coupling scheme with Discrete Element Method
    Y. Shimizu &Y. Inagawa

    Discrete element modeling of low strength rock
    N.B. Yenigül & M. Alvarez Grima

    Effect of drying on a granular slope physical model analysed by Discrete Element Method (DEM)
    F. Gabrieli, S. Cola, P. Simonini & F. Calvetti

    Isotropic compression of cohesive-frictional particles with rolling resistance
    S. Luding

    Size effects on a virtual calibration chamber
    J. Butlanska, M. Arroyo &A. Gens

    Large deformation – large strain analysis

    A Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian approach to solve geotechnical problems involving large deformations
    S. Henke, G. Qiu & J. Grabe

    Advances in meshless methods with application to geotechnics
    C.E. Heaney, C.E. Augarde, A.J. Deeks,W.M. Coombs & R.S. Crouch

    An ALE Finite Element Method for cohesionless soil at large strains: Computational aspects and applications
    D. Aubram, F. Rackwitz & S.A. Savidis

    Analysis of dynamic penetration of objects into soil layers
    J.P. Carter & M. Nazem

    Large deformation analysis of the installation of Dynamic Anchor
    H. Sturm & L. Andresen

    Modelling of installation effects of driven piles using hypoplasticity
    H.D. Pham, H.K. Engin, R.B.J. Brinkgreve, &A.F. van Tol

    Flow and consolidation

    A multiscale approach for the consideration of spatial groundwater flow in the stability analysis of a large excavation pit
    H. Montenegro & R. Kauther

    A numerical model for the electrokinetic treatment of natural soils with calcite
    F. Cattaneo, C. Jommi & G. Musso

    Analysis of artificial ground freezing in the Pari-Duomo platform tunnel of the Naples metro
    S. Papakonstantinou, E. Pimentel & G. Anagnostou

    Large scale hydraulic conductivity of the soil deposits of the Venezia Lagoon from numerical back-analysis
    E. Giacomini, F. Colleselli, F. Cattaneo, C. Jommi & G. Mayerle

    Numerical analyses of granulometric stability of moraine dam cores
    F. Federico &A. Montanaro

    Numerical prediction of time-dependent rock swelling based on an example of a major tunnel project in Ontario/Canada
    A. Kirsch &T. Marcher

    Some features of the coupled consolidation models used for the evaluation of the dissipation test
    E. Imre & P. Rózsa

    Steady state seepage flow through zoned earth structures affected by permeability defects
    F. Federico, F. Calzoletti &A. Montanaro

    Unsaturated soil mechanics

    A comparison between numerical integration algorithms for unsaturated soils constitutive models
    F. Cattaneo, G. Della Vecchia, C. Jommi & G. Maffioli

    Comparison of stress update algorithms for partially saturated soil models
    M. Hofmann, G. Hofstetter &A. Ostermann

    Modelling of the hysteretic soil–water retention curve for unsaturated soils
    A. Tsiampousi, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Numerical integration and analysis of equilibrium in unsaturated multiphase media
    R. Tamagnini, M. Mavroulidou & M.J. Gunn

    Artificial intelligence

    A genetic algorithm for solving slope stability problems: From Bishop to a free slip plane
    R. van der Meij & J.B. Sellmeijer

    Simulation of the mechanical behavior of railway ballast by intelligent computing
    M.A. Shahin

    Three dimensional site characterization model of Suurpelto (Finland) using support vector machine
    A. Pijush Samui &T. Länsivaara

    Reliability and probability analysis

    Evaluation of soil variability and its consequences
    M. Huber, P.A. Vermeer &A. Bárdossy

    Inverse modelling including spatial variability applied to the construction of a road embankment
    A. Hommels, F. Molenkamp, M. Huber & P.A. Vermeer

    Reliability analysis of piping in embankment dam
    A. Noorzad & M. Rohaninejad

    Spatial variability of soil parameters in an analysis of a strip footing using hypoplastic model
    R. Suchomel & D. Mašín

    Validating models against experience in foundation engineering, using the ROC curve
    A.M.J. Mens &A.F. van Tol

    Dynamic problems and Geohazards

    A 2.5D finite element model for simulation of unbounded domains under dynamic loading
    P. Alves Costa, R. Calçada, J. Couto Marques &A. Silva Cardoso

    A comparison of different approaches for the modelling of shallow foundations in seismic soil-structure interaction problems
    S. Grange, D. Salciarini, P. Kotronis & C. Tamagnini

    A finite element approach for dynamic seepage flows
    R. Stucchi, A. Cividini & G. Gioda

    A method to solve Biot’s u-U formulation for soil dynamics applications using the ABAQUS/explicit platform
    F.J. Ye, S.H. Goh & F.H. Lee

    Alternative formulations for cyclic nonlinear elastic models: Parametric study and comparative analyses
    D. Taborda, L. Zdravkovi´c, S. Kontoe & D.M. Potts

    Analysis of the effect of pile length in a pile group on the transfer and impedance functions in soil-pile interaction models
    A. Mahboubi & K. Panaghi

    Dynamic fragmentation in rock avalanches: A numerical model of micromechanical behaviour
    K.L. Rait & E.T. Bowman

    Evaluation of the efficiency of a model of rockfall protection structures based on real-scale experiments
    F. Bourrier, Ph. Gotteland, A. Heymann & S. Lambert

    Evaluation of viscous damping due to solid-fluid interaction in a poroelastic layer subjected to shear dynamic actions
    J. Grazina, P.L. Pinto & D. Taborda

    Non linear numerical modeling of slopes stability under seismic loading – reinforcement effect
    F. Hage Chehade, M. Sadek & I. Shahrour

    Numerical analysis of blast impact on sealings of neighbouring structures
    W. Krajewski, O. Reul & L. te Kamp

    Numerical analysis of the seismic behavior of vertical shaft
    S. Jeong, Y. Kim, S. Lee, J. Jang &Y. Lee

    Numerical and experimental study of the detection of underground heterogeneities
    P. Alfonsi, E. Bourgeois, F. Rocher-Lacoste, L. Lenti, & M. Froumentin

    Numerical modelling of impacts on granular materials with a combined discrete – continuum approach
    A. Breugnot, Ph. Gotteland & P. Villard

    Numerical simulations of the dynamic impact force of fluidized debris flows onto structures
    F. Federico &A. Amoruso

    Three dimensional analysis of seismic performance of an earthfill dam in Ethiopia
    B.G. Tensay &W.Wu

    Slopes and cuts

    Effect of updated geometry in analyses of progressive failure
    A.S. Gylland & H.P. Jostad

    Evaluation of the effective width method for strip footings on slopes under undrained loading
    K. Georgiadis & E. Skoufaki

    Failure induced pore pressure by simple procedure in LEM
    T. Länsivaara

    Investigation of soil property sensitivity in progressive failure
    A.S. Gylland, M.S. Sayd, H.P. Jostad & S. Bernander

    Short-term slope stability calculation according to Eurocode 7
    V. Thakur, S. Nordal & S. Hove

    Embankments, shallow foundations, and settlements

    3D settlement analysis using GIS and FEM: A case study in Sliedrecht area, the Netherlands
    N.B. Yenigül &A.S. Elkadi

    A comparison of 1D, 2D, and 3D settlement analyses of the Tower of Pisa
    A.J. Klettke & L. Edgers

    Analysis of a full scale failure test on old railway embankment
    J. Mansikkamäki &T. Länsivaara

    Analysis of ground movements induced by diaphragm wall installation
    B. Garitte, M. Arroyo &A. Gens

    Bearing capacity of a surface footing founded on a layered clay subsoil
    Z. Bournta & L. Zdravkovic

    Finite element analysis of the main embankment at Empingham dam
    A. Grammatikopoulou, N. Kovacevic, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Forecasting of the stability of the tailing dam in permafrost region on the basis of numerical methods
    A.B. Lolaev, A.P. Akopov, A.Kh. Oganesian, M.N. Sumin &V.V. Butygin

    Numerical modeling of the mechanical response of recycled materials in embankments
    M.M. Villani, X. Liu, A. Scarpas &A. D’Andrea

    Rail track structural analysis using three-dimensional numerical models
    A. Paixão & E. Fortunato

    Three dimensional analyses of ring foundations
    M. Laman, A. Yildiz, M. Ornek &A. Demir


    A back analysis of vertical load tests on bored piles in granular soil
    L. Tosini, A. Cividini & G.Gioda

    A numerical study on the effects of time on the axial load capacity of piles in soft clays
    K.P. Giannopoulos, L. Zdravkovic & D.M. Potts

    Analysis of foundation solution of new building in built-up area
    Ž. Arbanas, V. Jagodnik & S. Dugonji´c

    Collapse of thin-walled model piles during hard driving
    J. Bergan, S. Øren Holo & S. Nordal

    Dynamic analysis of large diameter piles Statnamic load test
    K.J. Bakker, F.J.M. Hoefsloot & E. de Jong

    Finite difference analysis of pile on sloping ground under passive loading
    K. Muthukkumaran & M. Gokul Khrishnan

    Ground displacements due to pile driving in Gothenburg clay
    T. Edstam &A. Kullingsjö

    Lateral loading of pile foundations due to embankment construction
    A. Feddema, J. Breedeveld &A.F. van Tol

    Modelling of piled rafts with different pile models
    S.W. Lee,W.W.L. Cheang,W.M. Swolfs & R.B.J. Brinkgreve

    Modelling performance of jack-in piles
    S. Jie & S.-A. Tan

    Numerical analyses of axial load capacity of rock socketed piles in Turkey
    M. Kirkit, H. Kılıç & C. Akgüner

    Numerical simulation of low-strain integrity tests on model piles
    J. Fischer, C. Missal, M. Breustedt & J. Stahlmann

    Response of pile groups in clays under lateral loading based on 3-D numerical experiments
    E.M. Comodromos, M.C. Papadopoulou & I.K. Rentzeperis

    Selection of the proper hammer in pile driving and estimation of the total driving time
    A. Afshani, A. Fakher & M. Palassi

    Settlement analysis of a large piled raft foundation
    M.Wehnert, T. Benz, P. Gollub &T. Cubaleski

    Study of a complex deep foundation system using 3D Finite Element analysis
    F. Tschuchnigg & H.F. Schweiger

    The influence of pile displacement on soil plug capacity of open-ended pipe pile in sand
    L. Sa, L. Grande, H. Jianchuan & L. Guohui

    Deep excavations and retaining walls

    3D modelling of a deep excavation in a sloping site for the assessment of induced ground movements
    O.J. Gastebled & S. Baghery

    Analysis of an excavation in asymmetrical soil conditions: The Marquês station
    A. Pedro, J. Almeida e Sousa, D. Taborda & P. França

    Comparison of finite element predictions with results from a centrifuge test representing a double anchor wall in sand
    P.J. Bourne-Webb, D.M. Potts & D. König

    Crane monopile foundation analysis
    A. Mar

    Influence of excavation and wall geometry on the base stability of excavations in soft clays
    T. Akhlaghi, H. Norouzi & P. Hamidi

    Numerical modelling of a steel sheet-pile quay wall for the harbour of Ravenna, Italy
    D. Segato, V.M.E. Fruzzetti, P. Ruggeri, E. Sakellariadi & G. Scarpelli

    Numerical modelling of spatial passive earth pressure in sand
    M. Achmus, S. Ghassoun & K. Abdel-Rahman

    Practical numerical modelling for very high reinforced earth walls
    A. Mar, D.M. Tonks & D.A. Gorman

    Short term three dimensional back-analysis of the One New Change basement in London
    R. Fuentes, A. Pillai & M. Devriendt

    Tunnels and caverns

    3D analysis of a micropile umbrella for stabilizing the tunnel face of a NATM tunnel
    F. Schmidt, C. Sagaseta & H. Konietzky

    Analysis and design of a two span arch cut & cover structure
    S. Kumar, T. Suckling, L. Macdonald & H.C. Yeow

    Analysis of a bolt-reinforced tunnel face using a homogenized model
    E. Bourgeois & E. Seyedi Hosseininia

    Class A prediction of the effects induced by the Metro C construction on a preexisting building, in Rome
    F. Buselli, A. Logarzo, S. Miliziano &A. Zechini

    Estimated settlements during the Brescia Metrobus tunnel excavation
    A. Sanzeni, L. Zinelli & F. Colleselli

    Numerical investigation of the face stability of shallow tunnels in sand
    A. Kirsch

    Numerical modeling of a bolt-reinforced tunnel in a fractured ground
    E. Seyedi Hosseininia, E. Bourgeois &A. Pouya

    On the effects of modelling gap closure and assumed soil behavior on the FE predictions of ground movements induced by tunneling in soft clay
    C. Miriano & C. Tamagnini

    Role of numerical modelling in the current practice of tunnel and cavern design for hydroelectric projects
    C. Vibert, G. Colombet & O.J. Gastebled

    Some modeling techniques for deep tunnels in rock with FE-continuum models
    T. Marcher

    Stress-strain behaviour of a soft-rock pillar acted upon vertical loads
    F. Federico, S. Screpanti & G. Rastiello

    Tunnel face stability with groundwater flow
    P.M. Ströhle & P.A. Vermeer

    Viscoplastic models for the analysis of tunnel reinforcement in squeezing rock conditions
    G. Barla, D. Debernardi & D. Sterpi

    Ground improvement modelling

    3D FEM analysis of soil improving resin injections underneath a mediaeval tower in Italy
    M. Gabassi, A. Pasquetto, G. Vinco & F. Mansueto

    A numerical study of factors governing the performance of stone columns supporting rigid footings on soft clay
    M.M. Killeen & B.A. McCabe

    Calibration and verification of numerical model of ground improved by dynamic replacement
    S. Kwiecien

    Identification and quantification of the mechanical response of soil-wall structures in soft ground improvement
    X. Liu, Y. Zhao, A. Scarpas &A. de Bondt

    Modelling embankments on floating stone columns
    D. Kamrat-Pietraszewska & M. Karstunen

    Numerical investigation of the mechanical behaviour of Vibro Replacement stone columns in soft soils
    T. Meier, E. Nacke, I. Herle &W.Wehr

    Numerical modelling of consolidation around stone columns
    J. Castro & C. Sagaseta

    Numerical modeling of inertial soil-inclusion interaction
    X. Zhang, Ph. Gotteland, P. Foray, S. Lambert &A. Hatem

    Performance of geogrid-encased stone columns as a reinforcement of soft ground
    M. Elsawy, K. Lesny &W. Richwien

    Offshore geotechnical engineering

    A new elasto-plastic spring element for cyclic loading of piles using the p-y-curve concept
    O. Hededal & R. Klinkvort

    Behaviour of cyclic laterally loaded large diameter monopiles in saturated sand
    H. Ercan Ta¸san, F. Rackwitz & S.A. Savidis

    Caisson movement caused by wave slamming—a comparison of ABAQUS and FLAC analyses
    L. Andersen, H.F. Burcharth, T. Lykke Andersen &A.H. Augustesen

    Comparison of calculation approaches for monopiles for offshore wind turbines
    A.H. Augustesen, S.P.H. Sørensen, L.B. Ibsen, L. Andersen, M. Møller & K.T. Brødbæk

    Effects of diameter on initial stiffness of p-y curves for large-diameter piles in sand
    S.P.H. Sørensen, L.B. Ibsen &A.H. Augustesen

    Numerical investigations for the pile foundation of an offshore wind turbine under transient lateral load
    P. Cuéllar, M. Pastor, P. Mira, J.A. Fernández-Merodo, M. Baeßler &W. Rücker

    Numerical study of piping limits for installation of large diameter buckets in layered sand
    L.B. Ibsen & C.L. Thilsted

    Shallow circular foundations under undrained general combined loading in three-dimensional space
    B. Bienen

    Undrained ultimate capacity of suction anchors using an advanced constitutive model
    S. Panayides & M. Rouainia

    Numerical methods and Eurocode

    Embedded cantilever retaining wall ULS design by FEA in accordance with EN 1997-1
    A.S. Lees & S. Perdikou

    Ultimate Limit State Design to Eurocode 7 using numerical methods
    C.C. Smith & M. Gilbert


    Thomas Benz, Steinar Nordal