1st Edition

Objective-Based Safety Training Process and Issues

By Kenneth L. Miller Copyright 1998

    What are the four major areas always in the safety practitioner's mind? Preventing injuries - preventing catastrophic losses - protecting the organization from regulatory problems - and showing value to the organization. This book prepares the safety management practitioner for training in a diverse workforce while creating a program that meets the specific needs of a client or corporation. It evaluates the barriers that a trainer may encounter and offers techniques to overcome them. This book will assist the trainer to create a training program which is geared towards adult learning. Showing that training is hitting the mark through behavioral change supports the overall organization's goals.

    Part I - The Organizational Culture
    Providing the Safe Workplace - "It's the right thing to do!"
    Regulatory Requirements versus Safety Performance
    Empowering the Employee
    The Organizations Needs
    Part II - Skills and Methods
    The Audience, "How do adults learn?"
    Barriers to Adult Participation
    Putting the Spotlight on the Participants
    Presentation Techniques That Work
    Alternative Methods of Instruction
    The S.A.T. (Systems Approach to Training) Methods
    Part III - Evaluation and Performance
    Why Evaluate?
    How and What to Evaluate?
    When to Evaluate
    Level IV - The Mental Risk Assessment
    Final Thoughts


    Kenneth L. Miller