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Occupational Safety and Health

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Fire Loss Control A Management Guide, Second Edition,

Fire Loss Control: A Management Guide, Second Edition,

2nd Edition

By P. M. Bochnak
March 01, 1991

Provides managers, architects, plant engineers, technicians, and others with a concise background in the principles of fire protection and property loss control (a new chapter on life safety elements was added to the second edition). Some of the topics are the characteristics and behavior of fire, t...

Cancer Risk Assessment A Quantitative Approach

Cancer Risk Assessment: A Quantitative Approach

1st Edition

By Samuel C. Morris
June 12, 1990

Based on the National Academy of Sciences approach to quantitative risk assessment. Emphasizes how an accurate assessment of cancer risk must draw on a wide range of disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and the social sciences. Provides tables of Poisson confidence limit fa...

Development and Control of Dust Explosions

Development and Control of Dust Explosions

1st Edition

By John Nagy
June 23, 1983

In all the diverse industries-from food and agriculture to plastics- where combustibledust exists, the possibility of an explosion looms as an ever-present threat. Gathering awealth of practical , theoretical , and experimental data, this important work provides a‘state-of-the-art study of the ...

Management of Hotel and Motel Security

Management of Hotel and Motel Security

1st Edition

By H. Burstein
September 01, 1980

This book presents ideas to hotel/motel security directors and managers to help them understand some of the problems with which they will be confronted, the various approaches to solutions, and the ways of relating to other members of the management team to achieve optimum results....

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