2nd Edition

Off White Readings on Power, Privilege, and Resistance

    464 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    464 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With a fascinating new introduction on the proliferation and development of the field of whiteness studies and updated essays throughout, this much-anticipated second ddition continues to redefine our understanding of race and society. Also inlcludes three maps.

    Preface, Michelle Fine, Lois Weis, Linda Powell Pruitt and April Burns
    1. Behind Blue Eyes: Whiteness and Contemporary U.S. Racial Politics, Howard Winant
    2. How Did Jews Become White Folks? Karen Brodkin
    3. Behind the Gates: Social Splitting and the Other, Setha Low
    4. Black Infants and White Men: Tied into a Single Garment of Destiny, Ronald David
    5. Keeping the White Queen in Play, Michael Billig
    6. Race and the Politics of Educational Reform, Michael W. Apple
    7. Whites Are from Mars, O.J. is from Planet Hollywood: Blacks don't support O.J. and Whites Just Don't Get It, James M. Jones
    8. Growing Up Girl: Psychosocial Explorations of Gender and Class, Valerie Walkerdine, Helen Lucey and June Melody
    9. Adolescent Masculinity, Homophobia and Violence: Random School Shootings 1982-2001, Michael S. Kimmel and Matthew Mahler
    10. Excavating a Moment in History: Privilege and Loss Inside White Working-Class Masculinity, Lois Weis, Amira Proweller, and Craig Centrie
    11. Affirmative Action: Diversity, Merit, and the Benefit of White People, Faye J. Crosby and Stacy Blake-Beard
    12. Race, Suburban Resentment, and the Representation of the Inner City in Contemporary Film and Television, Cameron McCarthy, Alida Rodriquez, Shuaib Meecham, Stephen David, Carrie Wilson-Brown, Heriberto Godina, K.E. Supryia, and Ed Buendia
    13. The Revolution of Little Girls, Pat Macpherson
    14. Representations of Race and Social Responsibility: News Stories About Neglect and Failure to Protect, Sarah Carney
    15. Finding a Place to Pee and Other Struggles of Ethnography: Reflections on Race and Method, Mitch Duneier
    16. White Experimenters, White Blood, and Other White Conditions: Locating the Psychologist's Race, Jill G. Morawski
    17. The Achievement (K)not: Whiteness and Black Underachievement, Linda Powell Pruitt
    18. Witnessing Whiteness, Michelle Fine
    19. Colorblindness in Teacher Education: An Optical Delusion, Pearl M. Rosenberg
    20. Resisting Diversity: An Alaskan Case of Institutional Struggle, Perry Gilmore, David M. Smith, and Apacuar Larry Kairaiuak
    21. We didn't see Color.: The Salience of Colorblindness In Desegregated Schools, Anita Tijerina Revilla, Amy Stuart Wells, & Jennifer Jellison Holme
    22. Narrating the Multicultural Nation: Rosa Parks and the White Mythology of the Civil Rights Movement, Dennis Carlson
    23. Through the Looking Glass: Implications of Studying Whiteness for Feminist Methods, Aida Hurtado and Abigail J. Stewart
    24. Racism and Whiteness in transitions to peace: Indigenous peoples, human rights, and the struggle for justice, Maria De Jesus and M. Brinton Lykes
    25. Racial wrongs and restitutions: The role of guilt and other group-based emotions, Aarti Iyer, Colin Wayne Leach and Anne Pedersen
    26. White Educators as Allies: Moving from Awareness to Action, Sandra M. Lawrence and Beverly Daniel Tatum
    27. The Racing of Capability and Culpability in Desegregated Schools: Discourses of Merit and Responsibility, April Burns
    28. A White Side of Blackness?: White Antiracism and the Transfer of Racial Literacy in Multiracial Families, France Winddance Twine
    29. Whiteness of a Different Color? Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres


    Michelle Fine is Distinguished Professor of Social and Personality Psychology at the City University of New York, Graduate Center.
    Lois Weis is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.
    Linda Powell Pruitt is a Senior Fellow at the Research Center for Leadership in Action, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University.
    April Burns is a doctoral student in Social and Personality Psychology at the City University of New York, Graduate Center.

    "In a crowded field of books interrogating the concept of whiteness, Off White clearly and deftly distinguishes itself from the pack. This superb collection emphasizes the materiality of white privilege and the ways whiteness is represented, expressed, and embedded in various social sites and institutions. We peer into the 'souls of white folks,' and consider the emergent politics and practices that can trouble, subvert, and challenge white racial privilege." -- Michael Omi, University of California, Berkeley
    Reviews of the First Edition
    "Off White is a highly valuable contribution to the debate on the connections between 'race' and power. The breadth of the theories and methodologies represented, not to mention the numerous insights provided by the authors, many of whom are committed to anti-racist pedagogies, makes Off White an intellectually stimulating and personally challenging book." -- Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies