1st Edition

Olympic Education An international review

    385 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    386 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A fundamental component of the Olympic ideal is the concept of Olympic education. This is the notion that sport can help children and young people develop essential life skills. Olympic Education: An international review is the first book to offer a comprehensive survey of the diffusion and implementation of Olympic education programmes around the world.

    The book includes 28 chapters with 21 national case studies of countries on every major continent, including Australia, Brasil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, the UK, the US and Zambia. Each chapter examines the cultural, pedagogical, political and societal challenges of teaching Olympic education, as well as the national, individual and institutional programmes that have emerged. It explores key practical and conceptual issues, such as the incorporation of Olympic values in PE curricula, sport coaching and coach education programmes, while also taking into account the collaborative efforts of the governmental bodies, sport federations and Olympic institutions responsible for policy and implementation.

    This is important reading for all students, researchers and professionals with an interest in the Olympics, sport education, sports coaching, sport policy or physical education.



    Section I: History and Development of Olympic Education

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder and Antonin Rychtecky]

    1. Historical Roots of the Educational Ideas of Pierre de Coubertin

    [Roland Naul and Deanna Binder]

    2. The Promotion of Olympic Education by the International Olympic Committee

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky and Ian Culpan]

    3. Other International Efforts in Promotion of Olympic Education

    [Deanna Binder and Roland Naul]

    Section II: The Olympic Games as a Promoter of Olympic Education

    [Deanna Binder and Roland Naul]

    4. Tokyo 1964: Nation-wide Olympic Education Programme for Tokyo 1964 Initiated by the Japanese


    [Taro Obayashi]

    5. Athens 2004: Olympic Education in Greece During the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

    [Alexandros Makris and Kostas Georgiadis]

    6. London 2012: Olympic Education in the United Kingdom: Rethinking London 2012, Learning

    ‘Legacies’ and their Pedagogical Potential

    [Geoffery Z. Kohe and Dikaia Chatziefstathiou]

    Section III: Olympic Education: International Country Reviews

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky and Ian Culpan]

    7. Australia: Olympic Education: Aspiring Young Australians to Be Better

    [Janet Cahill and Richard Baka]

    8. Brazil: Olympic Education: Experiences and Trends

    [Lamartine DaCosta, Ana Miragaya, Neise Abreu, Otavio Tavares, Marta Gomes and Marcio Turini]

    9. Canada: Olympic Education Programmes as Legacies of Olympic Games

    [Deanna Binder]

    10. China: Olympic Education in the Context of Beijing Olympic Games

    [Hai Ren]

    11. Colombia: Olympic Education for Social Transformation

    [Clemencia Anaya Maya]

    12. Czech Republic: Teaching Olympic Education and Education through Sport

    [Antonín Rychtecký]

    13. France: Different Olympic Committees Promote Olympic Education in Youth Camps

    [Éric Monnin]

    14. Germany: Formal Olympic Education at Schools and Informal Olympic Learning in Sport Clubs

    [Roland Naul, Michael Krüger, Rolf Geßmann and Uwe Wick]

    15. Japan: Olympic Education for Peace and International Cultural Understanding

    [Hisashi Sanada]

    16. New Zealand: Olympic and Olympism Education

    [Ian Culpan]

    17. Poland: Olympic Education as Patterns of Sport Institutions

    [Michał Bronikowski, Małgorzata Bronikowska and Agata Glapa]

    18. Russia: Our Model and System of Olympic Education

    [Vladislav Stolyarov and Vladimir Rodischenko]

    19. Singapore: Olympic Education Inspired by the Youth Olympic Games

    [Deanna Binder, Nick Aplin and Sock Mian Teo-Koh]

    20. Spain: Olympic Education in Spain as a Multi-Facet Enterprise

    [Emilio Fernández Peña, Natividad Ramajo, Berta Cerezuela and Jose Manuel Pardo Gila]

    21. Ukraine: Teaching and Training of Olympic Education at Schools and in Higher Learning Institutes

    [Maria Bulatova and Laryssa Dotsenko]

    22. United States of America: The Olympic Games as Promotor of Olympic Education in the United

    States of America: Issues and Institutions

    [Constantine Psimopoulos, Deanna Binder, Angela Vermillion and Roland Naul]

    23. Zambia: Olympic Education within the Context of Sport for Development

    [Mayamba Sitali]

    24. Zimbabwe: The Olympic Academy and the Role of Culture and Traditional Games in the Promotion

    of Olympic Values and Olympic Education

    [Eugenia Chidhakwa]

    Section IV: Olympic Education Around the World: A Comparative Analysis

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky and Ian Culpan]

    25. Olympic Education as Pedagogy: Terminology, Pedagogical Orientations and Olympic Values Education

    [Deanna Binder and Roland Naul]

    26. "L’ educaction sportive": Olympic Education as a Part of Physical Education, Extra-Curricular

    Physical Activities, Sport Development and Olympic Athlete Training

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Ian Culpan and Antonin Rychtecky]

    27. Olympic Education as an Academic Study: Research, Teaching and Training in Higher Learning Institutes

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky and Ian Culpan]

    28. Olympic Education and the Olympic Movement: The Role of Olympic Games, IOC, National Olympic Committees and National Olympic Academies for Olympic Education

    [Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky and Ian Culpan]


    Roland Naul is a Professor of EU Studies on PE and Youth Sports in the Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences. He also serves as a Director of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute (Olympic Study Centre) at the University of Münster, Germany. He has published numerous articles and four books on Olympic education.

    Deanna Binder is the former Director of the International Institute of Olympic Education, University of Alberta and an Adjunct Professor at Royal Roads University, Canada. For many years, she was an IOC consultant for the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) in Africa and South America and a Visiting Professor of Olympic Pedagogy at the International Olympic Academy in Greece. She has published several teaching materials on Olympic education in the last 25 years and is a Fellow of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute (Olympic Study Centre), Münster, Germany.

    Antonín Rychtecký is a Professor in Sport Pedagogy and Sport Psychology in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science at Charles University, Czech Republic. For more than ten years he served as President of the Czech Olympic Academy and was a member of the NOC. He has conducted several cohort studies on youth sport and Olympic values and has supervised MA and PhD theses on Olympic education. Currently, he is Vice-President of NOA and a Fellow of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute (Olympic Study Centre), Münster, Germany.

    Ian Culpan is a Professor of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy in the New Zealand Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is also the former Director of the New Zealand National Olympic Academy. He has supervised several MA and PhD theses on Olympic education.