On Translating Modern Korean Poetry  book cover
1st Edition

On Translating Modern Korean Poetry

ISBN 9780367430207
Published September 16, 2021 by Routledge
208 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

On Translating Modern Korean Poetry is a research monograph exploring the intricacies and complexities of translating modern Korean poetry.

This monograph highlights the difficulties entailed in translating Korean poetry, due to the lexical, structural, social, expressive and attitudinal levels with which the translator must be engaged. Featuring all-new translations, this book explores the question of what exactly modern Korean poetry is, increases the representation of female poets and includes poems addressing modern historical events, globalization, diaspora and mental health. Each chapter provides commentary on both the original and translated texts and looks at some of the issues that arose during the translation process. By doing so the authors draw attention to the intricate, trans-cultural and trans-creational process of Korean poetry translation.

Collating contemporary Korean poetry and intricately exploring the translation process, this book is ideal for researchers and advanced level students of Korean Studies, Translation Studies and Literature with an interest in translation.

Table of Contents




Jieun Kiaer

  1. Baek Seok - Me, Natasha and the White Donkey
  2. Jieun Kiaer

  3. Choe Yongseok - Bulletproof Delivery Box
  4. Anna Yates-Lu

  5. Choi Jeongrye - Zebra Lines
  6. Mattho Mandersloot

  7. Choi Seung-ja - My Earlier Self
  8. Mattho Mandersloot

  9. Ha Jongoh - A Band and a Wild Dance
  10. Anna Yates-Lu

  11. Jin Eun-young - Stealing Song
  12. Anna Yates-Lu

  13. Kim Hyesoon - Land of Echoes
  14. Mattho Mandersloot

  15. Kim Ki-taek - Director Kim
  16. Mattho Mandersloot

  17. Kim Sijong – Summer
  18. Jieun Kiaer

  19. Kim Sowol – Spring
  20. Jieun Kiaer

  21. Kwon Soonja - Comfort Woman 12
  22. Anna Yates-Lu

  23. Lee Geunbae - Sunset Castle
  24. Anna Yates-Lu

  25. Lee Hae-in - The Taste of Potato
  26. Anna Yates-Lu

  27. Lee Jangwook - Throwing a Glass
  28. Mattho Mandersloot

  29. Lee Jeongnok - Chair
  30. Jieun Kiaer

  31. Lee Seong-bok - The Wait
  32. Mattho Mandersloot

  33. Na Hye-sok - Nora
  34. Jieun Kiaer

  35. Noh Cheonmyeong - April Song
  36. Anna Yates-Lu

  37. Oh Kyu-won - Fog
  38. Mattho Mandersloot

  39. Park Mog-weol - Wanderer
  40. Jieun Kiaer

  41. Yoo An-jin - Picking up Dabotap

Jieun Kiaer


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Jieun Kiaer is Associate Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at the University of Oxford. She publishes widely on East Asian translation, with particular emphasis on Korean translation. Her publications include The Routledge Course in Korean Translation (2018) and Korean Literature through the Korean Wave with Anna Yates-Lu (2019). Kiaer is the series editor for Routledge Studies in East Asian Translation.

Anna Yates-Lu is Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Korean Music Department at Seoul National University. Her research focuses predominantly on the traditional Korean sung storytelling art form pansori, which she has analysed from a variety of different methodological approaches, and she teaches and performs the genre herself. She has been active in providing translations and subtitles for performances and films, most recently The Singer (Cho Jung-rae, 2020).

Mattho Mandersloot is a literary translator working from Korean into English and Dutch. He earned a BA in Classics from King’s College London, an MA in Translation from the School of Oriental and African Studies and an MSt in Korean Studies from the University of Oxford. Among others, he has translated bestselling authors Cho Nam-joo and Hwang Sun-mi. He has also led poetry translation workshops for the Poetry Translation Centre in London. In 2020 he won the Korea Times’ 51st Modern Korean Literature Translation Award for his translations of Choi Jeongrye’s poems.