1st Edition

Organisation and Everyday Life with Dyslexia and other SpLDs

By Ginny Stacey, Sally Fowler Copyright 2021
    328 Pages 20 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    328 Pages 20 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Organisation and Everyday Life with Dyslexia and other SpLDs is the second book in the series Living Confidently with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). This book is about the wide impacts of dyslexia/ SpLD on everyday life. All dyslexic/ SpLD people live with the possibility that their mind will function in a dyslexic/ SpLD way at any moment, regardless of strategies that they have acquired or developed. Even people with many strategies can suddenly find themselves struggling with their dyslexia/ SpLD again.

    This book is adressed to dyslexic/ spld readers. Organisation is promoted as a tool to minimise the effets of dyselxia /spLD. The book covers:

    • situations that might disrupt organisation

    • a systematic approach to organisation

    • everyday life, study peripherals and employment.

    It has many life stories to help readers recognise the impacts of their own dyslexia/ SpLD.

    Dyslexic/ SpLDs have the potential to offer skills and alternative approaches to tasks. Often, the solutions that they devise for themselves are very useful to the non-dyslexic/ SpLD people around them, which can enhance their self-confidence.

    When organisation suits the individual with SpLD innate intelligence and potential can be realised.

    Acknowledgements; Illustrations; Useful Preface; Chapter 1: Organisation; Chapter 2: Time and Time Management; Chapter 3: Space, Place and Direction; Chapter 4: Everyday Life; Chapter 5: Study Peripherals; Chapter 6: Employment; Appendix 1: Resources; Appendix 2: Individual, Personal Profile of Dyslexia/SpLD and Regime for Managing Dyslexia/SpLD; Appendix 3: Key Concepts; Glossary; Index



    Ginny Stacey did not realise she was dyslexic until her mid-20s. The challenge of learning to play classical guitar helped her to understand how her dyslexic mind works. Committed to helping other dyslexics achieve their potential, she developed a range of highly effective techniques for supporting dyslexic students in studying all subjects and coping with life in general. The techniques are widely used in universities and colleges. She has become a nationally-recognised expert in the field.

    Sally Fowler stepped into the dyslexic world in her late 40s. It was a revelation to see the impacts of her dyslexia clearly. She became an approved teacher for the British Dyslexia Association with an M.A. in special education. She taught dyslexics, both children in schools and students at university. In Oxford, she met Ginny Stacey: the collaboration of two dyslexic minds has brought a wealth of experience to the Living Confidently with Specific Learning Difficulties series.

    "This book is packed with colour, shapes, mind maps, boxes and different ‘routes’ through the material. Like everything in it, these provide excellent approaches for everyone whether individuals with an SpLD or not. It is possible to pick and choose what works for any one person, and key concepts run throughout the material strengthening the supportive approach. Similarly, these ingredients in the book are hugely helpful: lots of real examples, tips, models, resources and stories, as well as lots of headings, questions, alternatives, key concepts, solutions, insights, benefits, options and further references. A real gem, full of strategies." - Sally Daunt, SpLD Tutor, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, UK

    "This was an engaging read. I found the real-life examples in support of the observations and solutions particularly interesting as they bought the wider theory to life. This book offers numerous highly practical life strategies for dyslexics, but I also think that it has a broader application as many of the challenges described will be familiar to readers whether they perceive themselves to be dyslexic or not. Overall, I went away very impressed by the attention to detail, accessible style and reassuring tone." - Dr James Fowler, Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK

    "In this outstanding and unique new book, Ginny Stacey and Sarah Fowler provide a wealth of tips and techniques, acquired over many years of living with dyslexia and working with people who have it, that can help dyslexics function more efficiently in their daily lives. Written by dyslexics for dyslexics, the book is organised and presented in a way that cleverly considers the different ways dyslexics process and assimilate information, acknowledging that there is not a ‘one-fits-all’ approach to dealing with dyslexia. Central to their approach to coping with dyslexia is the notion of ‘metacognition’, of reflecting on your own style of thinking to understand how dyslexia uniquely affects you, and what coping strategies and techniques work for you. Accordingly, by the time you have finished the book, you will not only have become more organised, productive and content with living with dyslexia; you will also be an expert on your unique style of thinking. Whether you are a student or a professional, I cannot recommend this book enough." - James Tierney, LLB, BCL, LPC, Solicitor and a former student of Stacey


    "This comprehensive, structured collection of pragmatic advice offers a choice of strategies to help organise everyday life. The presentation, in both content and style is designed to address the heterogeneous needs of its target readers, from coloured fonts, the use of coloured frames and icons to identify themes, to using both mind maps and lists to acknowledge different cognitive styles. The advice is sound, built on years of experience and enhanced by real life examples. It is a formidable guide for being organised for the many and varied challenges of everyday life." —Steve Chinn, PhD. Visiting Professor, University of Derby, UK