2nd Edition

Organizational Change, Leadership and Ethics

Edited By Rune Todnem By, Bernard Burnes, Mark Hughes Copyright 2023
    326 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    326 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Organizations and societies are facing extreme challenges that require action (IPCC, 2021). The UN's sustainability goals, demographic change, and the green shift are knocking on the door, while traditional education, and ways of leading and managing this development, often fail to keep up. Organizational Change, Leadership and Ethics challenges leadership orthodoxy, assumptions, and myths currently preventing the further development of theory and practice. It encourages intelligent disobedience in support of greater leadership capabilities and capacity in organisations and societies.

    As such, the book is written for everyone who wants to be MAD – to Make A Difference - students, scholars, and practitioners alike.

    Chapter 5 of this book is available for free in PDF format as Open Access from the individual product page at www.routledge.com. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license

    Preface: Ethical Change Leadership 2.0
    Mark Hughes, Rune Todnem By and Bernard Burnes
    Chapter 1: Leadership Ethics and Organizational Change: Sketching the Field’s Challenges
    Moritz Patzer and Christian Voegtlin
    Chapter 2: Perceptions and Development of Ethical Change Leadership
    Rebecca Newton
    Chapter 3: Mission leadership: a key enabler for an emerging leadership model, planned and emergent change and ethical clarity
    Brian Howieson
    Chapter 4: Emmanuel Levinas and the Ethical Quality of Leadership
    Carl Rhodes
    Chapter 5: Leadership as care-ful co-directing change: A processual approach to ethical leadership for organizational change
    Christoffer Andersson, Lucia Crevani and Anette Hallin
    Chapter 6: Leadership: the collective pursuit of delivering on purpose
    Rune Todnem By and Ben S. Kuipers
    Chapter 7: Making Purpose the Core Work of Business Leadership: A Guiding Framework
    Steve Kempster and Brad Jackson
    Chapter 8: Courage to strive: Hypocrisy monitoring, integrity striving, and ethical leadership
    Ronald L. Dufresne and Judith A. Clair
    Chapter 9: “How do we make sure they don’t get fat and lazy?” Utopian change and the erosion of compassion
    Henrika Franck, Saku Mantere and Henri Schildt
    Chapter 10: Leadership narcissism, ethics, and strategic change: Is it time to revisit our thinking about the nature of effective leadership?
    Malcolm Higgs
    Chapter 11: Organizational Leadership and Change in the Context of Conflict
    Joanne Murphy
    Chapter 12: Leadership for sustainable futures
    Melissa Edwards, Suzanne Benn and Dexter Dunphy
    Chapter 13: A Dualities Approach to Sustainable Organizational Change Leadership
    Aaron C.T. Smith, James Skinner and Daniel Read
    Chapter 14: Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics: Looking Back to Move Forward
    Bernard Burnes
    Chapter 15: Teaching Organizational Change Leadership and Ethics
    Mark Hughes
    Chapter 16: Towards Intelligent Disobedience: Academics Leading by Example
    Mark Hughes, Bernard Burnes and Rune Todnem By


    Rune Todnem By is Professor of Leadership at University of Stavanger, Norway; UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation; and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Change Management: Reframing Leadership and Organizational Practice.

    Bernard Burnes is Professor of Organisational Change at the University of Stirling Management School, Scotland.

    Mark Hughes is a Former Reader in Organisational Change at University of Brighton, England.

    "Responsible leadership requires thoughtful awareness of the motives and consequences of one’s actions. This book is fodder for such thoughtfulness." –Jonathan Gosling, Emeritus Professor of Leadership, University of Exeter, UK

    "Rune By, Bernard Burnes and Mark Hughes have produced an essential text featuring the work of leading thinkers on change, leadership and ethics. This is state-of-the-art work on the organizational challenges of the first half of the 21st century." - Bill Cooke, FBAM FAcSS PhD, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, The York Management School, University of York

    "In their challenge to how organizational leadership and change are researched and taught, the editors of this volume are posing questions that our world, which is being transformed by the two massive upheavals of the past three years, needs to be asking. How we form the leaders of tomorrow is at stake." - David Coghlan, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin

    "This book is a provocative and enthusiastic tour-de-force. Challenging traditional views of ethical change leadership, the authors exhort leaders and followers to rise up with intelligent disobedience, be inspired to be MAD (Make a Difference) and navigate the new complexity in the collective pursuit of purpose. In a polluted landscape, this agenda is a breath of fresh air." - Professor Richard Badham, John Grill Institute for Project Leadership, Sydney University