1st Edition

Osmotic Dehydration and Vacuum Impregnation Applications in Food Industries

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    282 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume in the Food Preservation Technology Series presents the latest developments in the application of two solid-liquid operations, Osmotic Dehydration (OD) and Vacuum Impregnation (VI), to the food industry. An international group of experts report on the improvement of osmotic processes at atmospheric pressure for fruits and vegetables, current applications of vacuum impregnation and osmotic dehydration processes and their industrial significance for fruits and vegetables, and applications of atmospheric and vacuum salting treatments for cheese, fish, and meat processes.

    Osmotic Processes in Fruit and Vegetables at Atmospheric Pressure. Vacuum Impregnation & Osmotic Processes in Fruit and Vegetables. Salting Processes at Atmospheric Pressure. Vacuum Salting Processes. Vacuum Impregnation, Osmotic Treatments & Microwave Combined Processes.


    Fito, Pedro; Chiralt, Amparo; Barat, Jose Manuel; Spiess, Walter E. L.; Behsnilian, Diana