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    The poster as we know it dates from the Industrial Revolution, although one form of outdoor advertising has existed for many centuries. Industrialisation meant that producer became separated from consumer while production for mass consumption rapidly increased, so that a development was necessary in the methods employed in bringing to public notice the merits and very existence of many goods. Billsticking began, a business rife with skulduggery, and in the second half of the nineteenth century an enterprising billposter took the step that changed outdoor advertising forever: he rented a site. From there the industry has grown apace, and Outdoor Advertising makes sense of these changes by looking at its practical side, the contractor, the agent, the designer, and the planning side, including site selection, as well as looking at specific campaigns and how their audience have received them. This, then, is a book about outdoor advertising, its design and colourful presentation, its place in the advertising and marketing story.

    First published in 1953.

    Introduction.  Foreword.  Part 1. 1. Poster Sites and Poster Contractors  2. The Outdoor Advertising Agency  3. Poster Design  4. Poster Printing  Part 2. 5. Outdoor Advertising – The Medium  6. Using Outdoor Advertising  7. The Outdoor Agency in Action  Part 3. 8. Measuring the Poster Audience  9. Further Development  Part 4. 10. Social Aspects of Outdoor Advertising  11. The Town and Country Planning Act.  References.  Appendices. 1. The Population of Great Britain & Northern Ireland  2. Costs of Poster Campaigns  3. Transportation Advertising – Traffic and Poster Sizes  4. Transportation Advertising – Schedules and Costs  5. Standard Conditions of Trading  6. Sections 31 and 32 – The Town and Country Planning Act, 1947  7. Glossary.


    C. B. Wrey, R. Nelson, A. E. Sykes