1st Edition

Palaeoecology of Africa, volume 14

Edited By J.A.K. Coetzee, E.M. van Zinderen Bakker Copyright 1982

    This reference provides up-to-date information on research in many different disciplines which give an overall insight into the environmental history of Africa.

    Relict distribution patterns of aquatic animals: Another tool in evaluating Late Pleistocene climate changes in the Sahara and Sahel, Chronology of glacial and periglacial deposits, Mount Kenya, East Africa: Description of type sections, A 5 000-year old pollen sequence from spring deposits in the bushveld at the north of the Soutpansberg, South Africa, New evidence for a Late Pleistocene wet phase in northern intertropical Africa, A high altitude pollen diagram from Mount Kenya: its implications for the history of glaciation, Recherches palynologiques dans la région du Lac Turkana (Kenya), Etude palynologique des sédiments Quaternaires du Lac Abiyata (Ethiopie), Twentieth century fluctuations in lake level in the Ziway-Shala basin, Ethiopia, Mise en évidence d’un niveau marin holocène submergé dans l’estuaire du Gabon, Spatial management of hominid groups at Olduvai: A preliminary Exercise, Lateral faciès analysis of the Koobi Fora Formation, northern Kenya: Summary of research objectives and results, Namib IV and the Acheulean technocomplex in the central Namib Desert (South West Africa), Ionium dating of peat: a note, Drought prediction in the Sahel? Prédiction d’un futur cycle de sécheresse au Sahel, Symposium on methods of reconstructing paleoclimate


    J.A.K. Coetzee, E.M. van Zinderen Bakker Institute fo r Environmental Sciences, University o f the Orange Free State, Bloemfontein