1st Edition

Parallel System Interconnections and Communications

    This introduction to networking large scale parallel computer systems acts as a primary resource for a wide readership, including network systems engineers, electronics engineers, systems designers, computer scientists involved in systems design and implementation of parallel algorithms development, graduate students in systems architecture, design, or engineering.

    Network Topologies, Models and Applications
    Parallel Systems
    Network Topologies
    Architecture and Programming Issues
    Network Communications
    Communication Models
    Communication Patterns
    Routing in General Graphs
    Communication Routers
    Multistage Interconnection Networks
    Network Representation and Functionalities
    Blocking Networks
    Permutation Networks
    Special Purpose, Powerful Networks
    Customization and Commercial Hypercube Systems
    Shared Memory Algorithms
    Hypercube Networks
    Topological Properties and Sorting
    Hypercube Communication
    Hypercube Embeddings and Algorithms
    Commercial Hypercube Systems
    Mesh Networks
    Topological Properties and Sorting
    Mesh Communication
    Mesh Embeddings and Algorithms
    Customization and Commercial Mesh Systems
    Other Potential Parallel Networks
    Cayley Graphs
    de Bruijn Network
    Circulant Graphs
    Fat Trees
    Future Trends in Parallel Computing and Communication
    Parallel Computing
    Communication Networks
    Paradigms for Network Interconnects and Communication


    Miltos D. Grammatikakis, D. Frank Hsu, Miroslav Kraetzl