1st Edition

Parental Experiences of Unschooling Navigating Curriculum as Learning-through-Living

By Khara Schonfeld-Karan Copyright 2023

    This volume explores unschooling as a growing phenomenon within the broader field of home education and considers the unique position of parents who engage in this self-directed form of education with their children.

    Drawing on an in-depth hermeneutic phenomenological study, the volume investigates the double consciousness of parents as they balance the costs/benefits of unschooling and navigate the roles of leading/following and parenting/teaching in the education and upbringing of their children. The author conceptualizes unschooling in the context of curriculum theory and situates it within the larger home education movement. By highlighting the fluctuating, (un)divided position that parents assume, the volume examines how learning and living are rendered inseparable in unschooling, thereby revealing unschoolers’ experience of a curriculum of learning-through-living.

    This book will be of great interest to researchers, scholars, and postgraduates working across the fields of curriculum studies, parenting and family studies, and the sociology of education.

    Introduction 1. Regarding Unschooling 2. Reclaiming Primary Pedagogical Place 3. Repositioning in Primary Pedagogical Place 4. Returning to Phenmenological Inquiry 5. Residing Between the (Un)Divided Sides of Costs and Benefits 6. Residing Between The (Un)Divided Sides of Leading and Following 7. Residing Between The (Un)Divided Sides of Parenting and Teaching 8. Reviewing the Possibilities for Learning-Through-Living


    Khara Schonfeld-Karan completed her PhD in Professional Development and Teacher Education at the University of Maryland, USA.