1st Edition

Partnership and Powerful Teacher Education Growth and Challenge in an Urban Neighborhood Program

Edited By Tom Del Prete Copyright 2020
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collaborative volume offers an in-depth portrait and valuable reference for the development of clinical or school-embedded partnerships in teacher preparation by drawing on the decades-long partnership between a university and set of schools in an urban neighborhood. In the midst of a national movement towards partnership-based clinical teacher education, this book explains and illustrates the roles, commitments, and collaborative practices that have evolved.

    Divided into three parts, contributors outline the theory and practice of the clinical teacher preparation model and its neighborhood focus, covering topics such as:

    • The social and institutional context of partnership development and teacher education;
    • Key collaborative and learning practices;
    • Challenges and questions that have emerged, and what can be learned from the experience.

    Written with voices of university faculty, school educators, program graduates, and students from partner schools, Thomas Del Prete offers a volume perfect for those looking to be inspired by an example of clinical teacher education and partnership in an urban community and to learn what can be achieved with conviction and perseverance over time.





    1. Introduction: Partnership and Powerful Teacher Education
    2. Thomas Del Prete

      Part I: Social Context and Partnership Development

    3. Partnership and Social Context: Shifting the Historical Pattern
    4. Thomas Del Prete

    5. Growing a Partnership: Questions, Development, and Challenges
    6. Thomas Del Prete

      Part II: Clinical, Collaborative, and Contextual Teaching and Learning Practices

    7. The Clinical Program Model
    8. Thomas Del Prete

    9. Inquiring Collaboratively in Classrooms: Teacher Rounds
    10. Thomas Del Prete

    11. Talking About and Teaching Hard History Together
    12. Raphael E. Rogers

    13. Creating a Hybrid Space for Learning: The On-Site Seminar in a Secondary School
    14. Heather Roberts

    15. Embracing the Not Yet: Emerging Teacher Voices in the Elementary On-Site Seminar
    16. Carmen Ocón

    17. Learning Together in the Disciplines: The Science Curriculum Team
    18. Letina Jeranyama

    19. Learning With Each Other: A Teacher Book Study Group
    20. Holly Dolan

    21. Double Agent: Being Teacher and Teacher Educator
    22. Kyle Alexandra Pahigian

    23. Learning from and with Students in their Community
    24. Thomas Del Prete and Andrea Allen

    25. Leveraging Partnership Research in Teacher Education
    26. Jie Y. Park

      Part III: Lessons, Challenges, and Questions

    27. Lessons, Challenges, and Questions

    Thomas Del Prete


    Appendix I Curriculum Unit Plan Guidelines

    Appendix II Sample Teacher Rounds and Round Sheets

    Appendix III Partnership Curriculum Team Guidelines

    Appendix IV Sample Partnership Agreement

    Appendix V The Professor of Practice Role

    Appendix VI Teacher Book Study Group Reading List


    Thomas Del Prete is Director of the Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice as well as the Master of Arts in Teaching program. He has been working on developing the multi-school partnership with the teacher education faculty of Clark University for twenty-five years.

    A very thought provoking account of the continuing development over more than twenty-five years of one of the most interesting school-university partnerships in teacher education in the U.S. that is focused in an urban neighborhood in Worcester MA. This book, written by both school and university teacher educators, deals with both the successes and challenges of doing this difficult work and is essential reading for those who are interested in creating a new more democratic future for university teacher education.

    • Ken Zeichner

    Boeing Professor of Teacher Education Emeritus, University of Washington

    In this incredible book we all take a long and fascinating journey in coming to understand how the building of community between higher education, schools, and students in an urban neighborhood develops. In my fifty years in education, this story is the first I have ever read that documents…how a true partnership in an urban community gets built over time. This is a must read for all who care about the important possibilities of what it takes to educate great teachers who represent their communities and their students in a genuine partnership.

    • Ann Lieberman, Senior Scholar, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, emerita professor from Teachers College, Columbia University, author of Teaching, Learning, and Living: Joining Practice and Research (Routledge)

    This highly masterful book, informed by a quarter century of experience and reflection, paints a picture of the craft and complexity of developing high quality teachers while galvanizing a university, an urban school system and a disadvantaged neighborhood to make common cause for children. The authors, who speak from their experience on the front lines of urban education, provide very useful guidance not only on refining the practice of teaching and teacher development but on using the vehicle of partnership to enrich teaching and learning for all involved.

    • Paul Reville, Francis Keppel Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Founding Director of the Education Redesign Lab; former, Massachusetts Secretary of Education

    Partnership and Powerful Teacher Education provides a vision of university and partner schools working in community to deepen and strengthen learning for local students and for teachers. Educators, policy makers, school administrators, and teachers, as well as community leaders, interested in working in partnership will find this work not only motivating, but also refreshingly practical.

      • Karen Hammerness, Director of Educational Research and Evaluation, The American Museum of Natural History, co-editor of Inspiring Teaching: Preparing Teachers to Succeed in Mission-Driven Schools