1st Edition

Pathobiology of Marine and Estuarine Organisms

By John A. Couch Copyright 1992

    Pathobiology of Marine and Estuarine Organisms is a comprehensive, up-to-date review of aquatic animal pathobiology covering infectious and non-infectious diseases of vertebrates such as marine mammals and fishes, in addition to diseases of invertebrates such as crustacea, mollusks, and lower phyla. The book provides critical information on viral, fungal, bacterial, parasitic, and neoplastic diseases of fish and invertebrates.

    Written by top-notch experts in the field, Pathobiology of Marine and Estuarine Organisms emphasizes pollution-associated diseases and includes an important review on the effects of pollution on marine mammals. The book will be a welcome addition to the libraries of aquatic and marine biologists, aquatic toxicologists, fisheries biologists, aquaculturalists, fish and invertebrate pathologists, and aquatic animal parasitologists.

    Importance of Marine Fish Diseases-An Overview (Michael L. Kent and John W. Fournie). Viral Diseases of Marine Fish (John A. Plumb). Bacterial Diseases of Fish (John L. Fryer and John S. Rohovec). Fungal Diseases of Marine and Estuarine Fish (Edward J. Noga). Parasitic Diseases of Fishes and Their Relationship with Toxicants and Other Environmental Factors (Robin M. Overstreet). Neoplasms in Wild Fish from the Marine Ecosystem Emphasizing Environmental Interactions (John C. Harshbarger, Phyllis M. Spero, and Norman M. Wolcott). Toxicologic Histopathology of Fishes: A Systematic Approach and Overview (David E. Hinton). Pathobiology of Selected Marine Mammal Diseases (Romona Haebler and Robert B. Moeller, Jr.). Invertebrate Diseases-An Overview (Albert K. Sparks). Infectious Diseases of Molluscs (Frank O. Perkins). Noninfectious Diseases of Marine Molluscs (Thomas C. Cheng). Infectious Diseases of Marine Crustaceans (James E. Stewart). Noninfectious Diseases of Crustacea with an Emphasis on Cultured Penaeid Shrimp (Donald V. Lightner). Chemically Induced Histopathology in Aquatic Invertebrates (George R. Gardner). Diseases of Other Invertebrate Phyla: Porifera, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Annelida, Echinodermata (Esther C. Peters). Interactions of Pollutants and Disease in Marine Fish and Shellfish (Carl J. Sinderman). Modulation of Nonspecific Immunity by Environmental Stressors (Robert S. Anderson). Observations on the State of Marine Disease Studies (John A. Couch).


    John A. Couch and John W. Fournie