1st Edition

Pathogenesis-Related Proteins in Plants

Edited By Swapan K. Datta, Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan Copyright 1999
    ISBN 9780849306976
    304 Pages
    Published April 29, 1999 by CRC Press

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    A great deal of research has been focused on the isolation, characterization, and regulation of expression of pathogenesis-related proteins since the discovery that several of the PR-proteins had antimicrobial or insecticidal activity and can delay the progression of diseases caused by several pathogens belonging to diverse genera. This is an exciting period of research where constitutive (or inducible) expression of PR-proteins at effective levels could be used as a tool to enhance or stabilize yield in areas where pathogens and pests are endemic.
    Pathogenesis-Related Proteins in Plants analyzes the practical aspects of employing PR-proteins for plant protection, in a possible role as the first or last line of defense against pathogens and pests. In addition, PR-proteins expressed in apparently healthy tissues during normal plant growth such as seed development and flowering, may have additional unsuspected roles in morphogenesis or in symbiosis.

    Occurrence and Properties of Plant Pathogenesis Related Proteins-Professor Van Loon
    PR-1, a Group of Plant Proteins Induced upon Pathogen Infection- Dr. Annemarie Buchel, and Professor Huub Linthorst
    Functions and Regulation of Plant b-1, 3-glucanases (PR-2)-Dr. Gerhard Leubner Metzger, and Professor Dr. Frederick Meins, Jr.
    Plant Chitinases (PR-3, PR-4, PR-8, PR-11)-Professor Dr. Jean-Marc Neuhaus
    The PR-5 Family; Thaumatin-Like Proteins-Dr. R. Velazhahan, Dr. S. K. Datta, and Professor Muthukrishnan
    The PR-6 Family; Proteinase Inhibitors in Plant-Microbe Interactions-Dr. Thierry Heitz, Dr. Pierett Geoffroy, Dr. Bernard Fritig, and Dr. Michael Legrand
    The Response of Plant Cell Wall Hydroxyproline-Rich Glycoproteins to Microbial Pathogens and their Elicitors-Dr. Marie Therese Esquerre- Tugaye, Dr. C. Campargue, and Dr. D. Mazau
    Induction of Peroxidase During Defense Against Pathogens-Dr. C. M. Chittoor, Professor J. E. Leach, and Professor F. F. White
    Signal Transduction and Pathogen-induced PR Gene Expression-Jian-Min Zhou
    The Role of Thionins in the Resistance of Plants-Dr. Holger Bohlmann
    Ribosome Inactivating Proteins: Structure, Function, and Engineering-Dr. Anders B. Jensen, Dr. Robert Leach, Dr. Bushra Chaudhury, and Professor John Mundy
    Plant Defensins-Dr. Alexandre de Silva Conceicao, and Dr. Willem Broekaert
    Expression and Function of PR-Protein Genes in Transgenic Plants-Dr. Karabi Datta, Professor Subbaratnam Muthukrishnan, and Dr. Swapan K. Datta

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