1st Edition

Patterns of Belief Religions in Society

By Eric Carlton Copyright 1973
    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    The principle purpose of Religious Education has traditionally been to instruct and inform, with discussion and questioning occupying a secondary position. This traditional approach gives overwhelming emphasis to the historical aspects of religion, and not only fails to put into perspective the issues raised by religion today, but also takes no account of the growing movement in schools towards learning by enquiry and questioning rather than by the accumulation of stated facts.

    This title, first published in 1973, explores the ways in which religion can be approached from a more sociological standpoint, and aims to encourage the reader to examine religion in a more objective manner. The wide-ranging and exploratory theme of this book makes it ideal for follow-up work and suggestions for further study are provided after each chapter. This title will be of interest to teachers and students of Religious Studies.

    Introduction for Teachers; Preface; 1. Is religion ‘true’? 2. Do people have religious experiences? 3. How did religion begin? 4. How can religion be analysed? 5. What purposes does religion serve? 6. How does religion function in different societies? 7. Is there such a thing as a revelation?; References; Index


    Eric Carlton