Pavement and Asset Management : Proceedings of the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM 2017), June 12-16, 2017, Baveno, Italy book cover
1st Edition

Pavement and Asset Management
Proceedings of the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM 2017), June 12-16, 2017, Baveno, Italy

Edited By

Maurizio Crispino

ISBN 9780367209896
Published February 18, 2019 by CRC Press
846 Pages

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Book Description

Pavement and Asset Management contains contributions from the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management (WCPAM 2017, Baveno, Italy, 12-16 June 2017).

For the first time, the European Pavement and Asset Management Conference (EPAM) and the International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets (ICMPA) were joining forces for a global event that aimed not only at academics and researchers, but also at practitioners, engineers and technicians dealing with everyday tasks and responsibilities related to transport infrastructures pavement and asset management.

Pavement and Asset Management covers a wide range of topics, from emerging research to engineering practice, and is grouped under the following themes:

- Data quality and monitoring
- Economics, political and environmental management, strategies
- Deterioration models
- Key performance indicators
- PMS-case studies
- Design and materials
- M&R treatments
- Risk and safety
- Bridge and tunnel management
- Smart infrastructure and IT

Pavement and Asset Management will be valuable to academics and professionals interested and/or involved in issues related to transport infrastructures pavement and asset management.

Table of Contents

Data quality and monitoring

Categorizing 3D pavement rut shapes using 3D laser imaging technology
C.R. Wang & Y.-C.J. Tsai

Asphalt concrete mixtures lightened with expanded clay for high-grip wearing course layers
M. Agostinacchio, D. Ciampa & S. Olita

The application of pavement texture depth in pavement maintenance at network level
H.Y. Wang

A review of state airport pavement management practices and airport pavement conditions in the United States from 2003 through 2016
M.R. Covalt, L. Raczkowski & M. Fisher

Advanced PMS. Consideration of the pavement bearing capacity
J.M. Sanz-García, J.A. Ramos-García & F. Sánchez-Domínguez

Precise localization of damages on concrete slab pavements
M. Bukowicki & K.R. Opara

Quality assurance of road traffic data
K.R. Opara & J. Zieliński

The long-term observation section on motorway BAB A5 in Hesse as a data source for research in the field of road maintenance
J. Bergmann-Syren, C. Komma, M. Skakuj & W. Smęt

Characterization of road surface by means of laser scanner technologies
M.R. De Blasiis, A. Di Benedetto, M. Fiani & M. Garozzo

Field assessment of three-dimensional surface texture and frictional properties of experimental Canadian road pavements
Q. Liu, S.M. Kamal Hossain, S.L. Tighe & A. Shalaby

Integrating historical-truth aircraft traffic data into a pavement management system
R.L. Boudreau, K. Masters & Q.B. Watkins

Damaged flexible road pavement inspection using GPR
S. Colagrande, D. Ranalli & M. Tallini

Comparison of the methodologies to compute pavement surface deflections from traffic speed deflectometer data
M. Nasimifar, S. Thyagarajan & N. Sivaneswaran

Investigation of the permanent deformation properties of open-graded permeable unbound granular materials
M.S. Rahman, F. Hellman & S. Erlingsson

Field demonstration of the traffic speed deflectometer
S. Shrestha, S.W. Katicha & G.W. Flintsch

Performance assessment of rehabilitated highway pavement
A. Loizos & V. Papavasiliou

Economics, political and environmental management, strategies

Impact of flexible pavement structural response on rolling resistance and vehicle fuel economy
D. Balzarini, I. Zaabar, K. Chatti & M. Losa

Airport pavement maintenance planning using a genetic algorithm for global cost minimization
I. Balinho do Ó & L. Picado-Santos

Prioritising maintenance and rehabilitation projects to ensure sustainable pavement preservation
S. Moodley

Holistic approach to asset management delivery to achieve sustainable efficiencies
G. Hart & S.J. Hunt

A dynamic optimal model for pavement asset management and PPP projects
Z. Alyami, D. Mizutani, K. Kaito & S. Tighe

A methodological framework for implementation of asset management in PPP projects
Z. Alyami & S. Tighe

Deterioration models

Limitations of existing pavement deterioration models and a potential solution
A. Paz & M. Khadka

Effect of freeze-thaw cycles on fatigue cracking and rutting of asphalt pavements
A. Abdelaziz, C.H. Ho, J. Shan & A. Almonnieay

Defining crack growth on chipseal surfaces
D.N. Brown

Validation of the pavement remaining service interval concept using highway agency models and data
J. Bryce, G. Rada, S. Thyagarajan & N. Sivaneswaran

Prediction models for international roughness index and rut depth
O. Eriksson & T. Lundberg

Modeling roughness progression in Mexican roads using historical data
R. Solorio, G.W. Flintsch, P. Garnica & F. Moreno

Mechanistic rutting modelling of a LTPP road structure
S. Erlingsson & A.W. Ahmed

Modeling the pothole generation process by composite statistical models for pavement management on expressway bridges
Y. Ninomiya, D. Mizutani & K. Kaito

Key performance indicators

Prediction of top-down cracking in sustainable asphalt materials using energy ratio testing
N.D. Moore & D.H. Timm

Development of a pavement condition index for urban management systems
E.M. Arevalo, J.L. Fernandes Jr. & S. Becker

Laboratory evaluation of the flexural properties of membrane-reinforced asphalt systems
M. Pasetto, G. Giacomello, E. Pasquini & I. Antunes

Multivariate statistics on pavement condition indicators
T. Blumenfeld

PMS-case studies

Pavement maintenance of small municipalities: Evaluation of the quality evolution for different budget scenarios
M. D’Apuzzo, A. Evangelisti, A. Di Silvestro & V. Nicolosi

Methodology to assess airport pavement condition using GPS, laser, video image and GIS
D. Lima, B. Santos & P. Almeida

Fine aggregate properties vs asphalt mechanical behavior: An experimental investigation
T. Iuele, F.G. Pratico & R. Vaiana

New City of Montreal’s intervention plan for the management of municipal assets
F. Bernard

Asset management in Latin America and the Caribbean; Result from an Inter-American Development Bank sectorial study
K.M. Ribeiro, L. Uechi, I.C. Morales, A. Medina & G.W. Flintsch

Status of airport pavement conditions in the United States
M.R. Covalt, L. Raczkowski, M. Fisher, C. Truschke & M. Brynick

Road maintenance at the operative level. Silesian voivodship case study
M. Skakuj & Z. Tabor

Effect of roadside vegetation on waveband roughness levels for pavements founded on expansive soils
M.Y. Ahmed & R. Evans

Current international practices on pavement condition assessment
P. Marcelino, M.L. Antunes & E. Fortunato

Life-cycle pavement maintenance: Identification of medium to long-term candidate renewal schemes
P.L. Scott

A simple method for monitoring and comparing the condition of pavements on the trunk road network, and informing maintenance budgets, using proxy datasets
P.L. Scott

Concrete pavement preservation in general aviation airports management
P. Arabali, M. Sakhaeifar, T.J. Freeman, B. Wilson & J. Borowiec

Connecting the dongle to the shovel
S.J. Hunt & G. Hart

Development of innovative asset management solutions for a large Canadian city
R.S. Wafa, S.L. Tighe, G. Moore & R. Fung

Total cost optimization for public transport system in Tumkur city
A. Waheed Khan, B.N. Navaneetha Hombali & K.M. Mallesh

Design and materials

Evaluation of a realistic damage maps of runaway pavements due to real traffic load
M. D’Apuzzo, A. Evangelisti, N. Palombo, V. Nicolosi, B. Festa & A. Schibani

Bridge weigh-in-motion as a tool for road damage remediation
B. Kulauzović & J. Jamnik

Polyfunctional polymeric systems for improving asphalt pavement performance through recycling
L. Venturini, S. Carrara & F. Giustozzi

Asphalt binder rejuvenation for recycling road materials
L. Venturini, L. Baccellieri & F. Giustozzi

Recycled fillers as an alternative in bituminous mixtures for road pavements
D. Topini, E. Toraldo, E. Mariani & L. Andena

Structural coefficient calibration of sustainable asphalt paving materials
C.S. Dossett & D.H. Timm

Improving design of bituminous mixture through service-oriented specifications
D. Gardete, L. Picado-Santos & S. Capitao

Environmental and mechanical benefits of cold recycled bituminous mixes with crumb rubber
A. Castro, G. Martínez, L. Fuentes, A. Bonicelli, J. Preciado & J. Santos

Influence of mineralogical and chemical composition of aggregates on strength and adhesion property
H.R. Sachin, K.M. Mallesh & M. Shareef

Assessing the bond strength of two-layer Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for pavements
H.A. Mohammed, N.H. Thom & A.R. Dawson

Design for the maximization of the amount of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and by-products in asphalt mixtures
I. Rodríguez-Fernández, P. Lastra-González, D. Jato-Espino & I. Indacoechea-Vega

Characterization of bituminous mixtures modified with ZVI nanoparticles
J. Crucho, J. Neves, L. Picado-Santos & S. Capitao

Improved performance evaluation of bitumen stabilised materials in the laboratory
K.J. Jenkins

Laboratory performance of fine crumb rubber bituminous mixtures fabricated by the dry process
L. da Silva, A. Benta & L. Picado-Santos

Analysis of permanent deformation in cement-bitumen treated materials developed by means of wheel tracking test machine
M. Meocci, F. La Torre & F.G. Pratico

Field monitoring and analysis of the early performance of unbonded concrete overlay using strain gauge readings
Q. Liu, C. Torres-Machi, J. Zhong, D. Pickel, Y. Chen & S.L. Tighe

Durability and strength assessment of pavement materials treated with polyacrylamide-based additive
R. Georgees & R. Hassan

Effect of higher axle loads on service life of bituminous pavement
S. Pandey, T. Harish Chowdary & S. Rokade

Zero shear viscosity evaluation of PMB bituminous binders with different levels of polymer modifications
M. Agostinacchio, D. Ciampa & S. Olita

Permanent deformation properties of nylon fiber reinforced asphalt concrete
H. Taherkhani & S. Afroozi

Permeability flow measurement for open-graded friction courses
V. Senior-Arrieta, C.A. Graciano, C.A. Vega-Posada, S. Álvarez & N. Ramirez

M&R treatments

Impact assessment of road work zones in operating conditions, safety and user costs
B. Santos & L. Picado-Santos

A new decision support tool for asset management of airfield pavements
C. Maggiore & G. Fitch

Long-term work zone planning for highway infrastructure
F. Schiffmann & R. Hajdin

Effect of preservation treatments on pavement performance
J. Bryce, G. Rada & G. Hicks

Recycling bituminous shingles in cold mix asphalt for high-performance patching repair of road pavements
M. Pasetto, G. Giacomello, E. Pasquini & A. Baliello

Optimized treatment selection using structural data for pavement management applications
S. Thyagarajan, N. Sivaneswaran, K. Petros, G. Rada & G. Elkins

Optimization of pavement M&R activities and work zones with user costs for multiple distress types
M. Hoffmann & V. Donev

Network-level optimization of pavement M&R activities, timing and work-zone length for multiple distress types
V. Donev & M. Hoffmann


Investigation on the compaction temperature effect on reactivating aged bitumen of 100% RAP mixtures
E.A. Taziani, E. Toraldo, E. Mariani & M. Crispino

Discussing the feasibility of improving fatigue performance of asphalt mixtures by incorporating high recycled asphalt pavement
E.A. Taziani, E. Toraldo & F. Giustozzi

Integrated LCA and LCCA network level pavement maintenance model
J. Cirilovic, G. Mladenovic & C. Queiroz

Material structural and economical aspects of life cycle extension of asphalt concrete surfacing
J. Mikolaj & L. Remek

Influence of aggregate particle shape indices on moisture sensitivity of bituminous mixes
P. Preethi, K.M. Mallesh & M.I. Anjum

Maintenance management of grooved runway pavement
C. Yeung, T.F. Fwa, C. Low, C.Y. Choong & C.O. How

Risk and safety

Road design measures and strategies for the prevention and suppression of forest fires in Spain
A.M. Rodríguez-Alloza & J. Gallego

Evaluation of speed control cameras in Lisbon network
C. Carvalheira, L.P. Santos & J.N. Santos

Application of road safety indicators of road maintenance planning. Warmia and Mazury case study
A. Ciołkosz-Styk, M. Skakuj & T. Radzikowski

Probability contour map of landing overrun based on aircraft braking distance computation
M. Ketabdari, M. Crispino & F. Giustozzi

Risk management in infrastructure companies
M. Crispino, M. Ketabdari & F. Capalbo

Establishing a method for identifying and managing high crash locations
R. McCarthy, G.W. Flintsch, E. de León Izeppi & S.W. Katicha

Skid resistance strategy for a road network
S.J. Hunt & C. Pacey

Integrating resilience concepts with pavement management: A case study in Delaware
Y. Liu, S. McNeil & G. Herning

Bridge and tunnel management

Risk level evaluation of transport of dangerous goods through road tunnels
C. Caliendo & M.L. De Guglielmo

Bridge model validation at Indiana DOT
G. Ruck & K. Francis

Smart infrastructure and IT

Classifying pavement surface anomalies utilizing smartphones technology, vehicles and on-board diagnostic devices
C. Kyriakou, S.E. Christodoulou & L. Dimitriou

New indicators of riding comfort based on vehicle dynamics
P. Virtala & J. Meriläinen

Response type roughness measurement and cracking detection method by using smartphone
K. Yagi

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Maurizio Crispino is Professor at the Departament of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.