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    160 Pages
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    Peace and Conflict is a biennial publication that provides key data and follows trends in national and international conflicts ranging from isolated acts of terrorism to internal civil strife to full-fledged inter-country war. A major trend it tracks is the incidence of wars beyond the protracted conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Peace and Conflict 2012 focuses on the theme of policy guidance for preventing conflict. It covers special topics with original contributions that focus on mediation, economic recovery, and the impact of elections. Peace and Conflict is a large-format reference book including numerous graphs, tables, maps, and appendices dedicated to the visual presentation of data. Crisp narratives are highlighted with box quote extracts that summarise trends and major findings such as the continuing increase in high casualty terrorist acts and risk of genocide in certain areas.

    Contents 1 Introduction Ted Robert Gurr, J. Joseph Hewitt, and Jonathan Wilkenfeld Regular Features 2 The Peace and Conflict Instability Ledger: Ranking States on Future Risks J. Joseph Hewitt 3 Trends in Global Conflict, 1946-2009 J. Joseph Hewitt 4 Trends in Democratization: Unpacking Anocracies Erica Frantz 5 Trends in Global Terrorism, 1970-2008 Gary LaFree and Laura Dugan 6 Assessing Risks of Genocide and Politicide: A Global Watch List for 2012 Barbara Harff Preventing Armed Violence: From Peacemaking to Conflict Recovery From Peacemaking to Conflict Recovery: An Introduction Birger Heldt, Guest Editor 7 Trends in Civil War Mediation Karl DeRouen Jr. and Jacob Bercovitch 8 Civil War Peacemaking Scott Sigmund Gartner 9 Delivering Peace: Options for Mediators in African Intrastate Crises Pelin Eralp, David Quinn, and Jonathan Wilkenfeld 10 War and Economic Growth Vally Koubi 11 Conflict, Elections, and International Pressure Susan D. Hyde Appendix-Major Armed Conflicts References Peace and Conflict Editorial Advisory Board Acknowledgments About the Authors About the Contributors About the Center for International Development and Conflict Management


    J.Joseph Hewitt

    Praise for Peace and Conflict

    "Too much of the writing on international affairs is long on opinions and short on facts. Peace and Conflict is the rare exception. Its clear presentations of evidence and analyses help to better inform discussions about the most pressing security challenges in today's world."
    —Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International

    “Peace and Conflict is an essential tool for scholars and policymakers seeking the facts behind the headlines about the nature and extent of conflict around the world. It provides a systematic, empirically grounded, and highly nuanced assessment of the darker aspects of human nature and underscores, yet again, the inescapable truth of our interconnected world and intertwined fate.”
    —Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York