Peace and Conflict

Peace and Conflict is a publication that provides cutting-edge data and analysis concerning domestic and international conflicts, other types of political violence and upheaval, and corresponding peacebuilding activities. Each edition of the book examines patterns and trends of events and key dimensions related to conflict and peacebuilding, as well as future risks of political and social instability. Past editions have included special feature sections on challenges to the stability of states (2008), the challenges of post-conflict transitions (2010), preventing armed violence (2012), and disaggregated data and analysis (2014). Among the contributors to the latest edition are over 30 experts from academic institutions in Europe and the US. The contents of Peace and Conflict are designed to be of value and intelligible to a wide audience, engaging with those involved in research, policy, practice, and the media in addition to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Each edition is a full-color resource with numerous graphs, tables, maps, and appendices dedicated to the visual and summary presentation of information.

From 2016 onwards, Peace and Conflict is a collaboration between the Graduate Institute, Geneva and CIDCM, bringing together two of the leading places for policy-relevant research about conflict, peacebuilding, and associated topics.