1st Edition

Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport

Edited By Kathleen Armour Copyright 2014
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Pedagogical Cases in Physical Education and Youth Sport is a completely new kind of resource for students and practitioners working in physical education or youth sport. The book consists of 20 richly described cases of individual young learners, each written by a team of authors with diverse expertise from across the sport, exercise and movement sciences. These cases bring together knowledge from single sub-disciplines into new interdisciplinary knowledge to inform best practice in physical education, teaching and coaching in youth sport settings.

    At the heart of each case is an individual young person of a specified age and gender, with a range of physical, social and psychological characteristics. Drawing on current research, theory and empirical data from their own specialist discipline, each chapter author identifies the key factors they feel should be taken into account when attempting to teach or coach the young person described. These strands are then drawn together at the end of each chapter and linked to current research from the sport pedagogy literature, to highlight the implications for planning and evaluating teaching or coaching sessions.

    No other book offers such a rich, vivid and thought-provoking set of pedagogical tools for understanding and working with children and young people in sport. This is an essential resource for any student on a physical education, coaching, kinesiology or sport science course, and for any teacher, coach or instructor working in physical education or youth sport.

    Introduction Chapter 1. Pedagogical Cases Explained: What is a ‘Pedagogical Case’ and how can it be used as a professional learning tool? Chapter 2. ‘Sophie’ - Five year old female - motor delay and overweight - physical activity and health - motor development - physiology - pedagogy Chapter 3. ‘Kate’ - Six year old female - development coordination disorder - motor development - biomechanics - pedagogy Chapter 4. ‘Patrick’ - Seven year old male - autism - inclusive play - bio-psychomotor development - adapted physical education - pedagogy Chapter 5. ‘Deshane’ - Eight year old male - Black American - motor development - cultural studies - health promotion - pedagogy Chapter 6. ‘Teresa’ - Eleven year old female - immigrant - English language learner - multicultural competence - sport and exercise psychology - pedagogy Chapter 7. ‘Rob’ - Eleven year old male - elite sport - contextual perspective/psychology - biomechanics - exercise physiology - pedagogy Chapter 8. ‘Yasmin’ - Eleven year old female - early maturing/sexual behaviour - child development - sport ethics/policy - legislation/law - pedagogy Chapter 9. ‘Greta’ - Thirteen year old female - Maori - Maori culture - talented - motor learning - development - pedagogy Chapter 10. ‘Onni’ - Thirteen year old male - physically inactive - physical education and health education - home-school partnerships - physiotherapy - pedagogy Chapter 11. ‘Jenny’ Thirteen year old female - early maturing and talented - physiology - sociology - psychology - pedagogy Chapter 12. ‘Tony’Fourteen year old male, poor body image, psychology, socio-cultural studies, motor control, pedagogy Chapter 13. ‘Maria’Fourteen year old female - migration background and keen football player - critical ethnicity - gender studies - psychology - pedagogy Chapter 14. ‘William’Fifteen year old male - Millennial and sport-crazy’ - nutrition/physical activity/health, neuroscience - digital humanities - pedagogy Chapter 15. ‘Laura’ - Fifteen year old female - puberty and overweight - drop in blood pressure - physiology - fitness training - psychology - pedagogy Chapter 16. ‘Joshua’ - Fifteen year old male - amputee and low motivation - functional anatomy - positive youth psychology - exercise physiology/classification/disability studie- pedagogy Chapter 17. ‘Ilona’ - Fifteen year old female - migration background and English language learner - declining sport performance - sociology - psychology - physiology - pedagogy Chapter 18. ‘John’ - Fifteen year old male - academic achievement - psychology - physical activity/health - nutrition - pedagogy Chapter 19. ‘Marianne’ - Sixteen year old female - low physical activity/poor motivation - endurance training - exercise physiology - biomechanics - psychology - pedagogy Chapter 20. ‘Karen’ - Sixteen year old female - physically active - elite sport - Olympic dream - skill acquisition - coach-athlete relationships - socialization - pedagogy.


    Kathleen Armour is Professor and Head of the School of Sport and Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her main research interest is career-long professional learning for teachers and coaches, and its impact on young people's learning in physical education and sport.