1st Edition

Peopling Marketing, Organization, and Technology Interactionist Studies in Marketing Interaction

By Dirk vom Lehn Copyright 2024
    272 Pages 82 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Peopling Marketing, Organization, and Technology takes an interactionist attitude to study the organization of marketing interaction and the embedding of technology within that organization. By analysing clear illustrative studies, this book explicates the interactionist attitude and demonstrates that production, placing, promotion, and pricing are achieved in, and through, marketing interaction. The studies investigate marketing interaction on street-markets, decision-making about the digitalization of supermarkets, the design of exhibitions and social media to generate memorable experiences, the interactive experiencing of exhibits, and the development of guiding visions in the promotion of Virtual Reality. The analyses reveal the practical and social organization of actions through which marketing and consumption are accomplished. By using different interactionist research methods, they show the contribution research using the interactionist attitude can make to marketing and consumer research, as well as to interactionist sociology concerned with marketing interaction. Aimed at academics, researchers, and students in the fields of marketing and consumer research, as well as in social psychology and sociology, this book will encourage scholars and students in marketing and consumer research to shift their focus from the symbolic to marketing interaction.

    1. Peopling Organizations, Marketing Interaction, and Technology
    2. Interactionism and Marketing
    3. Marketing Interaction on Street-Markets
    4. Digitizing Distribution in a Supermarket Chain
    5. Designing ‘Dramatic Experiences’ in Museums
    6. Editing Museum Experiences: Online Gallery Talks
    7. Self-Service Technology and the Exhibition Experience
    8. Pricing in Marketing Interaction on Street-Markets
    9. Promoting ‘Virtual Reality’ in Public Discourse
    10. Discussion: Peopling Marketing, Organization, and Technology


    Dirk vom Lehn is Professor of Organization and Practice in the Public Services Management & Organisation (PSMO) Department and a member of Work, Interaction and Technology, a research group at King’s Business School, King’s College London. In his research, he primarily explores the practical organization of action and interaction in museums and galleries, on street-markets, in optometric consultations, and in dance workshops. He also has an interest in the history of ethnomethodology and in the further advancement of video-based research methods for the study of the organization of action.

    “Vom Lehn's tour de force is to bring marketing and interactionist sociology together, to shed light on fascinating empirical settings including galleries, street markets and supermarkets. In turn, his rich approach feeds much broader and unique applications of the interactionist perspective in modern organizational and institutional studies.”

    Thomas Roulet, Professor at the University of Cambridge

    “This book embeds an interactionist approach within studies of marketing. Vom Lehn's 'sociological attitude' to studying marketing should be read by all those interested in the interplay between people, organisations and technology. This book casts a fresh look on how marketing scholars can theorise and understand everyday settings from street markets to museums and supermarkets. The writing style makes it accessible to interactionist novices and specialists and demonstrates the value of this approach to enriching a range of marketing subdisciplines. this is a must read.”

    Finola Kerrigan, Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK

    “With fearless aplomb, Dirk vom Lehn brings social interaction back into the field of marketing, revealing both the interactive nature of marketing, and the power of interactionist thought for those who study and practice it.  This is a major contribution that bridges divides and is a must read for business scholars and practitioners, scholars of institutions and organizations, and sociologists alike.”

    Tim Hallett, Professor of Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington