1st Edition

Perspectives from the European Language Portfolio Learner autonomy and self-assessment

Edited By Bärbel Kühn, María Luisa Pérez Cavana Copyright 2012
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Using constructivist principles and autonomous learning techniques the ELP has pioneered innovative and cutting edge approaches to learning languages that can be applied to learning across the spectrum. Although articles on the success of the ELP project have appeared in some academic journals, Perspectives from the European Language Portfolio is the first book to report on and contextualise the project’s innovative techniques for a wider educational research audience.

    During the last ten years the ELP has increasingly become a reference tool for language learning and teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary educational settings all around Europe. The editors of this volume believe that there is a need to reflect on the significant contribution that the ELP has delivered for language learning and teaching, and to critically evaluate its achievements.

    This volume offers a range of investigations from theoretical studies to practical cases around these issues, and includes:

    • relevant contributions of the ELP to language pedagogy;
    • assessing the impact of the ELP on pedagogical research and practice;
    • exploring and defining pathways for future developments;
    • Reflective learning.

    This book is intended for a readership of language teachers and researchers across Europe. It will be of particular relevance to those engaged in language learning and teaching within the Common European Framework of Reference, supporting independent learning and developing a language curriculum, whether in school, adult, further or higher education.

    Chapter 1 The European Language Portfolio: history, key concerns, future prospects; Chapter 2 Developing autonomy through ELP-oriented pedagogy: exploring the interplay of shallow and deep structures in a major change within language education; Chapter 3 Between Vision and Reality:Reflection on 20 years of a common European Project; Chapter 4 The European Language Portfolio (ELP) in its original Council of Europe context; Chapter 5 The ELP as a mediating tool for the development of self-regulation in foreign language learning university contexts: an ethnographic study; Chapter 6 Overcoming the challenges of implementing the European Language Portfolio (ELP) in Higher Education: the experience of the University of Lausanne Language Centre; Chapter 7 From paper to the web: the ELP in the digital era; Chapter 8 Fostering strategic, self-regulated learning: the case for a "soft" ELP; Chapter 9 Experimentum Mundi or A concrete utopia for a language centre in Higher Education: Building blocks for successful language learning


    Bärbel Kühn is Managing Director of the Language Centre of the four public universities of the federal state of Bremen where she has implemented the use of the Bremen electronic ELP 'EPOS'. She is also chair of the Bremen Language Council.

    María Luisa Pérez Cavana is currently involved in the development of an electronic European Language Portfolio for the Open University, UK, where she works as Lecturer in German and Spanish.