1st Edition

Petroleum Refining Processes

Edited By James G. Speight, Baki Ozum Copyright 2001

    This work highlights contemporary approaches to resource utilization and provides comprehensive coverage of technological advances in residuum conversion. It illustrates state-of-the-art engineering methods for the refinement of heavy oils, bitumen, and other high-sulphur feedstocks.

    Feedstock terminology, availability and evaluation: definition and terminology; occurrence and availability; composition; testing and evaluation. Engineering aspects of refining: reaction stoichiometry; chemical kinetics; thermochemistry and chemical equilibrium; kinetic measurements and data analysis; reactor design; mixing in flow systems and reactors; transport phenomena; heterogeneous gas-solid reactions and heterogeneous catalysis. Refining: pre-treatment and distillation; thermal cracking; catalytic cracking; hydrotreating; hydrocracking; the next generation processes; product improvement; hydrogen production. Conversion factors and SI units.


    James G. Speight, Baki Ozum