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Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research
Collaborating and Inquiring Together

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November 1, 2021 Forthcoming by Routledge
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Book Description

With contributions from advanced, early career, and emerging qualitative scholars, Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research illuminates how qualitative research mentoring practices, relationships, and possibilities of inquiry and teaching come to life under different mentoring philosophies.

What we can know in and about the world is inseparable from our approach(es) to knowing with and in it. And how we mentor in qualitative research matters to what we can know and do as qualitative inquirers. Yet despite its importance, mentoring is rarely conceptualized as a practice inspiring or inspired by philosophy. This edited book opens a needed space for thinking about mentoring as a philosophical practice. It’s thoughtful chapters and artful ‘mentoring moments’ draw on critical, feminist, new materialist, post-structuralist and other philosophies to make visible, interrupt, reflect, deepen, and expand mentoring practices within the qualitative community revealing what we can know, do, and become through them.

Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research sensitizes readers to mentoring as a philosophical practice. As such, it is essential reading for students and researchers in qualitative research and higher education interested in mentoring practice and humanistic research values.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research?

Kelly W. Guyotte and Jennifer R. Wolgemuth

Mentoring Moment: Willful Habit

Shelly Melchior

1. Becoming Feminist Swarm: Inquiring Mentorship Methodologically Together

Maureen A. Flint and Susan O. Cannon

Mentoring Moment: The Mentor I Never Knew I Needed

Rebeka Gordon

2. Flipping Mentoring: Feminist Materialist Praxis as Quiet Activism

Carol A. Taylor

Mentoring Moment: Lost in the Becomings

Carlson H. Coogler

3. Kinning and Composting: Mentorship/t in Post Qualitative Research

Jonathan M. Coker, Samantha Haraf, María Migueliz Valcarlos, Scottie Basham, Diane Austin, Dionne Davis, Anna Gonzalez and Jennifer R. Wolgemuth

Mentoring Moment: for kwg

Aubrey Uresti

4. Ruinous Mentorship

Travis M. Marn and Kelly W. Guyotte

Mentoring Moment: The Voice of Calm

Missy Springsteen-Haupt

Mentoring Moment: Learning is Water Reflection

Cristina Valencia Mazzanti

5. Unfinished: (Post)Philosophically Informed Mentoring and Relational Ethics

Candace R. Kuby

Mentoring Moment: She Said I Should Call Her Jenni

Krista S. Mallo

Mentoring Moment: My North Star

Quintin R. Bostic II

6. Mentoring as Radical Interconnectivity and Love: Post-Oppositional and De/colonial Approaches to Qualitative Research Mentoring in Higher Education

Kakali Bhattacharya and Jia Liang

Mentoring Moment: A Mentoring Moment with My Mentor

Ying Wang

Mentoring Moment: Mentorship as Radical Care

Elliott Kuecker

7. The Importance of Relationships in Mentorship and Methodological Identities

Stephanie Anne Shelton, April M. Jones, Kelsey H. Guy and Boden Robertson

Mentoring Moment: Mentoring Amalgam

Rachel K. Killam

Mentoring Moment: Mentor and Athena

Minkyu Kim

8. "I don’t want feelings. I want tacos.": Toward a New Materialist Mentoring Practice

Brenda Sifuentez and Ryan Evely Gildersleeve

Mentoring Moment: Culturally Relevant Mentorship in Motion

Rouhollah Aghasaleh

Mentoring Moment: A Qualitative Mentoring Process Diagram in Haiku

Jaclyn K. Murray

9. String Figure Mentoring in a Qualitative Inquiry Assemblage

Susan Naomi Nordstrom

Mentoring Moment: Mentoring as a Collective Relationality

Nikki Fairchild

10. Mentoring (Maybe) as a Philosophical Event

Mirka Koro, Mariia Vitrukh, Nicole Bowers, Lauren Mark and Timothy Wells

Mentoring Moment: Before the Beginning: A Poem for My Mentor, Dr. Susan Copeland

Sharon Head

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Kelly W. Guyotte is Associate Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Alabama, USA, and Coordinator of the Educational Research Program. Inspired by her background in the visual arts, her research interests include gender and equity in higher education, artful inquiry practices, STEAM education, and teaching/mentoring in qualitative inquiry.

Jennifer R. Wolgemuth is Associate Professor of Educational Research at the University of South Florida, USA, and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research. Drawing on critical theories, she explores inquiry as an agential process that investigates and creates the lives and communities to and for which researchers are responsible.



"Finally! Too often mentoring gets flattened and overly simplified. But here Dr. Guyotte and Dr. Wolgemuth have curated and edited a volume that offers conditions for possibility, opportunities for mentoring to matter differently, and possibilities for liberation. Most appreciated is the ways the collection of chapters, images, poems, and mentoring moments reveal mentoring from the perspectives of students, junior and senior scholars all committed to Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research: Collaborating and Inquiring Together." -- M. Francyne Huckaby, Associate Dean, TCU School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Professor of Curriculum Studies, TCU College of Education & Center for Public Education, USA

"This edited collection begins with the premise that mentoring is a relational practice and that such relations need not be hierarchical in order. This necessarily inventive orientation shifts the terrain upon which mentoring is understood, even practiced: power relations disperse; subject distinctions (of mentors, mentees) blur; newly creative practices emerge. It is here that this important text takes seriously the notion of mentoring as a philosophical practice, one that necessarily entails a way of relational living that exceeds the traditional bounds of the academy and the ordering of method. As a result, this text will be useful—even inspiring—to mentors, mentees, and mentor-mentees alike." -- Aaron M. Kuntz, Frost Professor of Education and Human Development, Department Chair, Counseling, Recreation, School Psychology, Florida International University, USA

"Philosophical Mentoring in Qualitative Research: Collaborating and Inquiring Together addresses the diverse forms that qualitative mentoring might take, inviting readers to consider mentoring as philosophical practice. In this edited collection, authors describe the productive possibilities of engaging with uncertainty, discomfort, and the unexpected within relational approaches to mentorship that value caring and ethical connections with humans, non-humans and the more-than-human. Thought-provoking and refreshing, the book engages readers in envisioning new possibilities with respect to how qualitative researchers are always becoming -- whether novice or experienced, or in formal or informal spaces. Filled with poems, narratives, conversations, and images, this collage of chapters and mentoring moments provides a dazzling array of alternative approaches to thinking about and engaging in mentoring relationships. Read on and savor!" -- Kathryn Roulston, Professor of Qualitative Research, Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy, University of Georgia, USA