Philosophising the Dialogos Way towards Wisdom in Education : Between Critical Thinking and Spiritual Contemplation book cover
1st Edition

Philosophising the Dialogos Way towards Wisdom in Education
Between Critical Thinking and Spiritual Contemplation

ISBN 9780367671655
Published December 18, 2020 by Routledge
282 Pages

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Book Description

Philosophising the Dialogos Way towards Wisdom in Education proposes the innovative and holistic Dialogos approach to practical philosophy as a way of facilitating wisdom-oriented pedagogy. The book encourages individual and collective development through dialectical interplays between personal life, philosophical concepts and subject matter.

Based on two decades of the author’s reflective pedagogical practice research, this book develops a philosophy of dialogical relationships. It analyses approaches to philosophical practice and suggests facilitation moves and philosophical exercises that can be adapted across educational levels, school subjects and higher education disciplines. Chapters provide examples of transformative philosophical group dialogues and suggest pathways towards multi perspective thinking, mutual understanding and wisdom in culturally diverse contexts.

Philosophising the Dialogos Way towards Wisdom in Education can be used as a holistic approach to democracy education, peace education, education for sustainable living and wellbeing. The book will be of great interest to academics, researchers and students in the fields of teacher education, philosophy of education and higher education. It will also appeal to practising professionals such as teachers and teacher educators in secondary and higher education.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Prologue

Chapter 2. Perspectives on wisdom and wisdom development

Chapter 3. A wisdom oriented pedagogy in the making

Chapter 4. Ways of Philosophising

Chapter 5. Philosophizing the Dialogos Way

Chapter 6. Facilitating Dialogos philosophical dialogues

Chapter 7. Dialogos philosophical exercises

Chapter 8. Epilogue

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Guro Hansen Helskog is Associate Professor at the Institute for Pedagogy, Department of Humanities, Sports- and Educational Sciences at the University of South-Eastern Norway.


"This is a different book! It is a treasure-trove for readers looking for wisdom in the vital relations between teachers and young people. With extensive references to philosophy and psychology the author works out a philosophy of life that issues in a detailed presentation of philosophical exercises worked out by the author during years of practical trials. This is a book of true philosophical enthusiasm."

Lars Løvlie, Senior Professor in Philosophy of Education, University of Oslo. Co-editor of Educating Humanity: Bildung in Postmodernity.

"If you are looking for a straight forward and well-founded summary of key approaches of philosophical practice, which at the same time offers plenty of exercises and dialogue methods in order to improve your own work (as a teacher, practitioner, trainer, etc.), then this book is a treasure trove for you. With its strong focus on edification towards wisdom, this publication sets the tone for future developments of philosophical and dialogical practice."

Michael Noah Weiss, Philosophical practitioner, Dr.phil, editor of The Socratic Handbook

"Guro Hansen Helskog understands the need for wisdom in our lives to make life not only sustainable but to allow it to flourish. For that we need open, inclusive and heart-to-heart dialogue, or "soft" power. Today’s world and too many of its leaders see wisdom as a form of weakness just because it does not manifest itself as uncompromising and threatening -as "hard" power. Helskog`s book recognizes the power of wisdom; it is very timely and on the mark."

Maria daVenza Tillmans, Dr.phil, Former president of the American Society for Philosophy, Counseling and Psychotherapy (ASPCP now NPCA, National Philosophical Counseling Association)

"Philosophising the Dialogos Way remains one of the benchmark introductions to philosophical practice. The method used, Dialogos, is well thought out and suitable for any circumstances. I recommend this as an introductory book both for students and professionals. Well and fluently written, great book to understand how practical philosophizing is actually fruitful method to ponder many perspectives in any situation."

Eeva Kallio, Adjunct professor University of Jyväskylä and University of Tampere, Finland, PhD Honorary president of European Society for Research of Adult Development, Finland.

"The main purpose of education is not knowledge, but wisdom.The method of using philosophical dialogue urges one to critically evaluate questions and find solutions not just through the knowledge acquired, but through the ability to enhance understanding by amalgamating experiences leading to right choices. I commend Guro Hansen Helskog for this interesting compilation."

Dr. D. Usha Reddy, Principal at the Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Hyderabad, India. Winner of the all india Acharya Devo Bhava Award 2018.

"Philosophising the Dialogos Way is a unique method of philosophical practice - an invitation to involve others in exploring ethics, philosophical and religious ideas and human relationships. Helskog`s approach will open ways to wisdom not only in education, but in many forms of dialogical interaction. I hope it will be read and practiced by many."

Notto R. Thelle, Senior Professor in Theology, The University of Oslo, Norway. Author of Who Can Stop The Wind?: Travels in the Borderland Between East and West

"I really like this book! It is ambitious and courageous in challenging established ideas and practices. Helskog gives many thought provoking examples of how the Dialogos philosophy and dialogues change participants’ lives for the better. The book makes it clear that the changes are not causal one. Rather, the Dialogos dialogues make participants start a personal reflection- and development process that nourishes their inner lives in profound ways. The book has an open and inviting writing style that made me as a reader feel taken along on a journey not only into the author’s examples, but also into her philosophical thinking. I learned a lot from reading this book - about pedagogy and brain research as well as about philosophical practice and philosophy."

Andreas Ribe, philosopher and philosophical practitioner, co-author with Helskog on two out of six original Dialogos books (2007 publications).

"Guro Hansen Helskog, from her real world experience, epitomize the journey of wisdom with philosophizing dialogues. This book builds and improves wisdom- orientated - pedagogy in teacher education and develops the dialogues facilitator for the teacher training classroom."

Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav, researcher and teacher educator, Department of Education & Extension, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India.

"This insightful book offers an exploration of pedagogical approaches and how these may contribute to the development of wisdom in young people. The book describes and analyses the use of philosophical dialogue in practical settings using ethical and existential questions to understand and deepen self understanding and self awareness of young people in educational settings."

Dr Julie-Marie ffrench Devitt, The Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy, England.