1st Edition

Phosphates As Food Ingredients

By R.H. Ellinger Copyright 1972

    There is an enormous quantity of literature, including numerous patents, on the functions and applications of phosphates in foods. No attempt has been made to review every publication, as such an exhaustive review would require a sizeable book. Anyone interested in further details on any topic covered in this treatise should consult the references listed at the end of the chapter. The bibliographies provided in the references for each topic should provide more thorough coverage. It is hoped that the references cited are those with the most useful information on the phosphate applications and their effects on foods.

    1. Introduction 2. Nomenclature, Classification and Structure of Phosphates Used in Foods 3. Some General Chemical Characteristics of Phosphates 4. Toxicology of the Food Phosphates 5. The Attitudes of Regulatory Agencies 7. The Functions and Applications of Phosphates in Food Systems 8. Future Trends


    R.H. Ellinger