1st Edition

Physical Literacy across the World

Edited By Margaret Whitehead Copyright 2019
    300 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    300 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Physical Literacy across the World records the progress of the concept of physical literacy over the last decade. It examines developments, issues and controversies in physical literacy studies, and looks at how the concept has been implemented around the world.

    Contributions from practitioners and researchers across the world tell unique stories of the way physical literacy is changing perceptions of physical activity through research and the generation of scholarly writing, the creation of new national and local policies, and the development of partnerships with a range of professions. The book argues that physical literacy has value beyond formal education, such as in occupational and recreational settings, as well as for early years children and older people, and shows how life story methods can explain our physical literacy journeys. At root, it sets out a case for the significance and value of physical literacy as making a notable contribution to human flourishing.

    This is important reading for anyone with an interest in physical activity, health and well-being, sport studies, physical education, or the philosophy related to physical activity.

    Part I: Physical Literacy Moving Forward

    1. Overview and Recent Developments in Physical Literacy

    Margaret Whitehead

    2. Definition of Physical Literacy – Developments and Issues

    Margaret Whitehead

    3. Aspects of Physical Literacy – Clarification and Discussion With Particular Reference to the Physical Domain

    Margaret Whitehead

    4. In Support of Physical Literacy Throughout Life

    Margaret Whitehead

    5. What Does Physical Literacy Look Like? Overarching Principles and Specific Descriptions

    Margaret Whitehead

    6. Charting the Physical Literacy Journey

    Margaret Whitehead

    Part II: International Perspectives on Physical Literacy

    7. Introduction to International Perspectives on Physical Literacy

    Margaret Whitehead

    8. A Brief History of Physical Literacy in Australia

    Richard Keegan, Dean Dudley and Lisa Barnett

    9. Physical Literacy in Canada

    Dwayne Sheehan, Dan Robinson and Lynn Randall

    10. Perspectives on Physical Literacy in Continental Europe

    Jeroen Koekoek, Niek Pot, Wytse Walinga and Ivo van Hilvoorde

    11. Physical Literacy in India

    Pankaj Markandey and Nigel Green

    12. Aotearoa/New Zealand’s Physical Literacy Journey

    Karen Laurie

    13. Physical and Food Literacy: A Holistic Approach to Public Health in Scotland

    Chris Topping, Jo Kopela, Isla Gibson and Sandy Whitelaw

    14. Physical Literacy in the United States of America

    E. Paul Roetert

    15. Physical Literacy Development in Wales

    Helen Hughes

    16. Reflection on International Perspectives

    Margaret Whitehead

    Part III: Physical Literacy – Establishing Significance and Looking Ahead

    17. Physical Literacy as a Journey

    Liz Taplin

    18. Human Flourishing and Physical Literacy

    Elizabeth Durden-Myers and Margaret Whitehead

    19. Human Flourishing, Human Nature and Physical Literacy

    Elizabeth Durden-Myers and Margaret Whitehead

    20. The Significance of Physical Literacy in Human Life, Conclusions and the Way Ahead

    Margaret Whitehead


    Margaret Whitehead is Visiting Professor at the University of Bedfordshire, UK.