1st Edition

Phytopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology of Herbal Plants

    386 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    386 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Plant-based drugs play an important role in all cultures and have been crucial in maintaining health and fighting diseases, and by using contemporary methods of biotechnology, plants with explicit chemical compositions are propagated and genetically upgraded for the mining of pharmaceuticals. Phytopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology of Herbal Plants presents the latest advances in the development of transgenic plants, covering phototherapeutics, secondary metabolite production, metabolomics, metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, quality control of herbal plant products, crop improvement using various breeding techniques, tissue culture techniques, and the future of phytopharmaceuticals.



    • Describes developments and applications of phytopharmaceuticals of herbal plants.
    • Highlights the importance of phytopharmaceutical of plants and potential applications in the food and pharma industries.
    • Provides an overview of research on key anticancer drugs to elucidate the biotechnological approaches for their production in cell cultures.
    • Places special emphasis on the biosynthetic pathway mapping and metabolic engineering.


    Phytopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology of Herbal Plants will be an invaluable resource to academics and researchers associated with plant science, herbal drug manufacturers, and phytochemists.


    Overview on phyto pharmaceuticals and biotechnology of herbal plants

    Indian Spices: Treasure of active pharmaceutical compounds.

    Trends in Breeding Medicinal and Aromatic Plants – Challenges and Prospects

    Controlled Environment Agriculture - An opportunity for customizing secondary metabolite production.

    Advances in Micropropagation of pharmaceutically important fruit Crops

    Exploring the diversity of plant alkaloids through multi-omics approach

    Recent investigations on protective mechanisms   of flavonoids against sarcopenia

    Herbal medicinal compounds and their anti-breast cancer actions: A mechanistic perspective.

    Aromatic plants as a source of natural antioxidants and their potential to reduce disease risk

    Phytopharmaceuticals of Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Common Illnesses

    A Disease-Driven Approach to Medicinal Natural Products.

    Recent Insights into Cannabinoids: Functions, Mechanisms, Clinical Trials and Technological advancement in   Cancer and Neurological diseases. 

    Anti-Cancer Phytopharmaceuticals: A Green Approach towards treating Cancer.

    Synergism between Anticancer Drugs and Seaweed Metabolites for Cancer Treatment

    Recent Perspectives on the Medicinal Potential of Plant Based Adaptogens

    Workflow and methods of in silico analysis of compounds isolated from medicinal plants: an overview

    Basics of Photobiology and Clinical Indications forPhototherapy in anti-aging

    Role of nanotechnology in the field of phytopharmaceuticals for the delivery of herbal drugs 

    Phytonanotechnology: Plant mediated green construction of MNPs and their biomedical implementation against MDR Bacteria

    Past, Present and Future of Aromatic Plants


    Sachidanand Singh, Rahul Datta, Parul Johri, Mala Trivedi