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Pioneers in Contemporary Criminology: Pioneers in Contemporary Criminology

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Working Out of Crime

Working Out of Crime

1st Edition

By David Downes
June 12, 2019

David Downes' early work on delinquency in East London made an original contribution to the comparative study of anomie and subcultural theory, and social policy on education and employment. His research and writing went on to include the study of gambling, drugs policy and the state of ...

A Criminological Imagination Essays on Justice, Punishment, Discourse

A Criminological Imagination: Essays on Justice, Punishment, Discourse

1st Edition

By Pat Carlen
June 07, 2019

A Criminological Imagination contains a selection of key articles from Pat Carlen's research studies of magistrates' courts and women's imprisonment together with a range of other articles on social control, discourse analysis, ideology, punishment, criminology and critique. They are all informed ...

Building Modern Criminology Forays and Skirmishes

Building Modern Criminology: Forays and Skirmishes

1st Edition

By David F. Greenberg
June 07, 2019

Building Modern Criminology collects four decades of theoretical essays and research papers by David Greenberg, a sociologist pulled away by his political experiences during the Vietnam War from a career in theoretical high energy physics into criminology. The papers take up critical questions in ...

Crime, Institutional Knowledge and Power The Rich Criminological Legacy of Richard Ericson

Crime, Institutional Knowledge and Power: The Rich Criminological Legacy of Richard Ericson

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin D. Haggerty, Aaron Doyle
June 07, 2019

Criminology lost a world leader with the untimely death of Richard Ericson in 2007. Ericson was one of the most prolific, influential and widely cited criminologists of his generation, producing monumental and pathbreaking works on how the criminal justice system and other key institutions attempt ...

Thinking about Punishment Penal Policy Across Space, Time and Discipline

Thinking about Punishment: Penal Policy Across Space, Time and Discipline

1st Edition

By Michael Tonry
June 07, 2019

Thinking about Punishment pulls together the key writings by Michael Tonry on penal policy trends in western countries, racial and ethnic disparities, and sentencing policies, practices, and theories. Recent research in the past few decades shows that these topics are inextricably interrelated. ...

Victims, Policy-making and Criminological Theory Selected Essays

Victims, Policy-making and Criminological Theory: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Paul Rock
June 07, 2019

Paul Rock began studying sociological criminology in 1961 and his intellectual history has run parallel to and in conversation with the evolution of the discipline over that long period. He became a professional scholar when symbolic interactionism, sociological phenomenology and 'labelling theory...

Outside Criminology Selected Essays by Stanley Cohen

Outside Criminology: Selected Essays by Stanley Cohen

1st Edition

Edited By Tom Daems
May 25, 2016

Stanley Cohen (1942-2013) has proven to be one of the most influential figures in the field of criminology and human rights within the last 40 years. His prolific work contributes not only to the study of crime, deviance and control but also to human rights. This volume brings together a broad ...

Crime, Law and Society Selected Essays

Crime, Law and Society: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By Malcolm M. Feeley
April 07, 2016

Malcolm Feeley’s work is well-known to scholars around the world and has influenced two generations of criminologists and legal scholars. He has written extensively on crime and the legal process and has published numerous articles in law, history, social science and philosophy journals; two of his...

Transnational Crime and Policing Selected Essays

Transnational Crime and Policing: Selected Essays

1st Edition

By James Sheptycki
November 28, 2011

This collection of essays on transnational crime and policing covers a broad range of themes: the relationship between global policing and the transnational-state-system; the impact of advanced technologies on policing practice; the changing morphology of occupational policing subculture; and the ...

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy Towards a Social Democratic Criminology

Policing, Popular Culture and Political Economy: Towards a Social Democratic Criminology

1st Edition

By Robert Reiner
September 28, 2011

Robert Reiner has been one of the pioneers in the development of research on policing since the 1970s as well as a prolific writer on mass media and popular culture representations of crime and criminal justice. His work includes the renowned books The Politics of the Police and Law and Order: An ...

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