4th Edition

Plates and Shells Theory and Analysis, Fourth Edition

By Ansel C. Ugural Copyright 2018

    Noted for its practical, accessible approach to senior and graduate-level engineering mechanics, Plates and Shells: Theory and Analysis is a long-time bestselling text on the subjects of elasticity and stress analysis. Many new examples and applications are included to review and support key foundational concepts. Advanced methods are discussed and analyzed, accompanied by illustrations. Problems are carefully arranged from the basic to the more challenging level. Computer/numerical approaches (Finite Difference, Finite Element, MATLAB) are introduced, and MATLAB code for selected illustrative problems and a case study is included.

    Section I Fundamentals

    1. Basic Concepts

    2. Simple Structural Members

    Section II Plates

    3. Plate-Bending Theory

    4. Circular Plates

    5. Rectangular Plates

    6. Plates of Various Geometrical Forms

    7. Numerical Methods

    8. Anisotropic Plates

    9. Plates under Combined Loads

    10. Large Deflection of Plates

    11. Thermal Stresses in Plates

    Section III Shells

    12. Membrane Stresses in Shells

    13. Bending Stresses in Shells

    14. Applications to Pipes, Tanks, and Pressure Vessels

    15. Cylindrical Shells under General Loads

    Appendix A: Fourier Series Expansions

    Appendix B: Tables

    Appendix C: Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

    Appendix D: Introduction to MATLAB®

    Answers to Selected Problems


    Ansel C. Ugural, Ph.D., has been visiting and research professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He was a National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellow and taught at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In addition, Dr. Ugural held positions for two decades as professor and chairman of the mechanical engineering department at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has considerable and diverse industrial experience in mechanical and civil engineering in both full- time and consulting capacities. Professor Ugural received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Dr. Ugural has been a member of several engineering and educational societies, and is listed in Who's Who in Engineering.