1st Edition

Play in Hospitals Real Life Perspectives

Edited By Nicky Everett, Cath Hubbuck, Fraser Brown Copyright 2023
    310 Pages 52 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    310 Pages 52 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Exploring how practitioners make use of play’s developmental benefits and therapeutic healing properties to aid the child’s healthcare journey, this reflective book expands and enhances the knowledge base underlying the practice of play in hospitals.

    The work of health play specialists and child life specialists in hospitals in the UK and around the world requires a deep level of clinical knowledge, so that preparing children for procedures can be done with skill and precision. It builds on an understanding of both child development and the impact of traumatic experiences so that children’s deepest fears and biggest emotions can be faced without flinching. It also relies on an acceptance that play is the foundation of everything – the child’s safest, most natural space – and from this trust, strength and resilience can grow and be nurtured. This new edited text explores the breadth, depth and skills of these trained healthcare practitioners providing play for babies, children, young people and adults, and places the power of play squarely at the centre of most clinical settings. Its starting point of the theory that underpins practice is explored and developed through a combination of reflective essays, case study chapters from the UK and around the world, and the newly emerging use of play in diverse settings.

    Drawing on the collective work of over 30 play specialists, child life specialists, play service managers, lecturers and researchers, this book is unique in all it offers to paediatric practitioners and settings, in training and in practice. It is an important resource for healthcare play specialists, playworkers, children’s nurses, occupational therapists and more.

    0. Introduction

    Fraser Brown and Mike Wragg

    Part I: Theoretical underpinning

    1. The Development of the Role of Hospital Playworker

    Judy Walker

    2. Still a Deprived Environment for Children? Revisiting the Case for Hospital Play

    Cath Hubbuck and Joanne Cross

    3. It Pays to Play! How I discovered cost effective play and the start of the MRI Awake List Project

    Irene O’Donnell

    4. Support for Siblings during the Medical Journey

    Charlotte Hamflett

    5. The Elephant in the Room- Mental Health Illness in children and young people; can health play specialists make a difference?

    Irene O’Donnell

    6. The Hospital Playroom: A key part of children and young people’s care and recovery

    David Stonehouse

    Part II: Personal Reflections on the Role of the Hospital Play Specialist

    7. My Journey

    Lisa Beaumont

    8. The ‘Magic of Play’- Exploring the importance of play and distraction during medical procedures

    Katie Lane

    9. A Day in the Life of a HPS

    Katie Collins

    10. Teenagers in hospital- are they the forgotten age?

    Nicky Everett

    11. Specialised Play in the Hospital Setting

    Susan Fairclough

    12. The Angry Health Play Specialist

    Cath Hubbuck

    Part III: Specific Case Studies

    13- Support for children and young people undergoing radiotherapy treatment

    Lobke Marsden

    14. Working with children and young people with autism in the Health Care Setting

    Nicola Voos and Susan Fairclough

    15. Virtual Reality: The new distraction therapy?

    Tracey Martin

    16- The role of the health play specialist in the care of children and young people with cancer

    Penelope Hart-Spencer

    17. Teenagers in Hospital

    Nicky Everett and Sarah Dransfield

    18. Ship-shape and Bristol Standard fashion: The ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of implementing the Bristol Standard within the practice of a hospital play team

    Julie Fisher, Nicky Bale and Jo Casely

    19. Managing a Play Team through the Covid Crisis

    Laura Walsh

    Part IV: Reflections from around the world

    20. Oh! The Places You’ll Go! – A play specialist’s journey

    Ana Smith (New Zealand)

    21. Play in two different ways- A Reflection on Play Practice in the United Arab Emirates.

    Bushra Ashraf and Gemma Hookins (UAE)

    22. "G’Day!" A history of hospital play in an Australian Children’s Hospital

    Leanne Hallowell (Australia)

    23. Integrating Play in North American Hospitals- Historical and Current Approaches

    Michael Patte (USA)

    24. The Hospital Play Specialist Education Course in Japan: what we have achieved and what we need to overcome

    Chika Matsudaira (Japan)

    25. Let’s start with play- why play in the emergency department can be our best tool for interventiosn

    Cala Hefferan and Laura Sufka (USA)

    Part V: Playing in other ways and other settings

    26. Play in a children’s hospice- what’s the point?

    Lynda Elliot

    27. The therapeutic power of playing with chronically abused children

    Fraser Brown

    28. Play and the paradigm shift

    Barrington Powell

    29. Playing Beyond the Boundaries- How the role of the health play specialist can benefit adults in healthcare

    Irene O’Donnell

    30. Play with purpose: the therapeutic value of play for siblings of pediatrtic patients

    Cala Heffernan and Mikaela Sullivan

    31. Taking hospital play into the home

    Tracy West

    32. Concluding Thoughts

    Nicky Everett and Cath Hubbuck

    Appendix- Useful Links




    Nicky Everett is Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, UK, Cath Hubbuck is a registered Health Play Specialist, currently based in London, UK, Fraser Brown is Emeritus Professor of Playwork at Leeds Beckett University, UK.