1st Edition

Points of Disruption in the Music Education Curriculum, Volume 1 Systemic Changes

    124 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    For decades, scholars in the field of music education have recognized the need for growth and change in our approach to teaching music, yet despite these calls for change, the music education curriculum today remains remarkably similar to that of a century ago. Points of Disruption in the Music Education Curriculum, Volume 1: Systemic Changes is one of two volumes that bring together applied suggestions, analyses, and best practices for disrupting cycles of replication in the curriculum of K-12 and collegiate music education programs in the United States and beyond, considering disruption as a force for positive change. Identifying specific strategies for interrupting or reimagining traditional practices, the contributors provide music teachers and music educators with a variety of potential practical approaches to creating changes that foster a better musical education at all levels of the curriculum.

    This first volume focuses on systemic changes, including topics like professional development, hiring practices, ableism and universal design, rhizomatic learning, and how to implement disruption across the music education profession. Each chapter contains specific action steps and suggestions for implementation. Bringing together five thought-provoking chapters, this concise volume offers a diverse set of concrete strategies that will be useful to a wide range of music education stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and curriculum designers.

    1 Introduction: The Need for Disruption

    Marshall Haning

    2 Locate the Nearest Exit: Refrains, Rhizomes, and Utopian Demands

    Lauren Kapalka Richerme

    3 Disrupting the Status Quo: Anti-Racism, Social Justice, and Culturally Relevant and Responsive Music Teaching

    Elizabeth S. P Almer, Jason Vodicka, Tina Huynh, Christine D’Alexander, and Lisa Crawford

    4 Disrupting Ableism in Music Education through Preservice Preparation

    Amanda R. Draper

    5 Administrator Approaches to Hiring for Music Positions

    Jocelyn A. Stevens and Jill Wilson

    6 Disrupting Professional Development for Music Educators: Transformations through a Five-Layer Teacher-Centric Paradigm

    Daniel C. Johnson


    Marshall Haning is Associate Professor and Area Head for Music Education at the University of Florida.

    Jocelyn A. Stevens is Associate Professor of Music Education at Truman State University.

    Brian N. Weidner is Assistant Professor of Music Education at Butler University.