1st Edition

Policy Simulations in the European Union

Edited By Amedeo Fossati, John Hutton Copyright 1998

    The papers in this much-needed collection employ Applied General Equilibrium methodology to address a wide variety of concerns within the European Union. Contributors examine five main policy areas:
    * international market integration
    * policy simulations with alternative treatments of factor markets
    * policies for carbon dioxide abatement
    * competitiveness and convergence
    * VAT and income tax reform.

    PART I International market integration 1 A general equilibrium analysis of Mediterranean economic integration: the case of Italy and Algeria 2 Chilean accession to the Nafta: general equilibrium estimates 3 Resource allocation effects of the 1992 CAP reform on the Greek economy PART II Policy simulations with alternative treatments of factor markets 4 The labour market effects of VAT harmonisation in a multicountry AGE model 5 Wage curves and capital mobility in a general equilibrium model of Italy 6 Development and application of an AGE model with a variable population PART III Policies for carbon dioxide abatement 7 Intra- and intergenerational effects of global carbon limits: a five region analysis 8 Unilateral taxation of international environmental externalities and sectoral exemptions 9 Modelling the effects of energy market distortions on the costs of carbon abatement: computable general equilibrium and partial equilibrium assessment 10 Efficiency and distributional effects of ecotaxes in a CGE model for Italy PART IV Competitiveness and convergence 11 The consequences of technological innovation on employment in the European Union using an AGE approach 12 The effect of deficit in a multicountry model with perfect mobility of capital PART V VAT and income tax reform 13 German income tax reforms: separating efficiency from redistribution 14 Are destination and origin principles equivalent? A quantitative evaluation for the European Union 15 Welfare effects of VAT rate harmonisation in the European Union


    Amedeo Fossati is Professor of Public Economics at the University of Genova, Italy. He serves on several editorial boards, and his most recent publications examine local finance and tax reform. John Hutton is Professor of Economics and Econometrics at the University of York, UK. He was, for several years, Managing Editor of the Economic Journal and serves on several editorial boards. His recent publications are concerned with international issues, including pollution and tax reform.