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Routledge New International Studies in Economic Modelling

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Modelling has become the essential tool for understanding the behaviour of economic systems. This series provides in-depth studies of modelling techniques and examines the areas where economic models are applicable. It combines theory and applied work in studies which are relevant to both academics and economists in the public and private sectors.

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Economic Modelling at the Banque de France Financial Deregulation and Economic Development in France

Economic Modelling at the Banque de France: Financial Deregulation and Economic Development in France

1st Edition

Edited By Michel Boutillier, Jean Cordier
November 06, 1996

Economists at the Bank of France analyse causes and consequences of French monetary policy and financial deregulation during the 1980s. Using the latest econometric techniques, they demonstrate a strategy that the UK is still hesitating to fully adopt. These essays, never published in English ...

Policy Simulations in the European Union

Policy Simulations in the European Union

1st Edition

Edited By Amedeo Fossati, John Hutton
March 20, 1998

The papers in this much-needed collection employ Applied General Equilibrium methodology to address a wide variety of concerns within the European Union. Contributors examine five main policy areas: * international market integration * policy simulations with alternative treatments of factor ...

Budgetary Policy Modelling Public Expenditures

Budgetary Policy Modelling: Public Expenditures

1st Edition

Edited By Pantelis Capros, Daniele Meulders
December 26, 1996

The focus of this volume is on the European context of public budget policy and a variety of different approaches are used - theoretical modelling, econometrics and applied general equilibrium modelling. Empirical evidence and case studies of European countries are contained in all the papers. The ...

Models for Energy Policy

Models for Energy Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Jean-Baptiste Lesourd, Jacques Percebois, Francois Valette
December 13, 1995

Energy policy is a key area in each of the world's economies. The oil shocks of the 1970's emphasised how important energy had become. In recent years a growing awareness of environmental issues has had a major impact on perceptions of energy use as growing numbers of people express concern at ...

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