Political Regimes in the Arab World : Society and the Exercise of Power book cover
1st Edition

Political Regimes in the Arab World
Society and the Exercise of Power

ISBN 9780415625661
Published September 4, 2012 by Routledge
336 Pages

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Book Description

One of the implications of Orientalism is that the Arab world, as a homogenous entity, is often analysed as an anomaly within the international system. This book argues that, despite their differences, societies across the globe ultimately construct their own history according to very similar dynamics and tensions.

The methodological approach of this book, using different countries within the Arab world as models, offers the reader an analysis of relations between the elites and their opposition in a variety of settings. A definition of the political structure of each country is drawn from this analysis before potential future scenarios, as according to country specific experts, are proposed. This model provides a useful contribution to students and scholars of political science and international relations.

Through providing a comparative study of the political regimes currently operating in the Arab world; their elites, civil society, power resources and political resistance, this book illustrates that despite the image of homogeneity sometimes portrayed by the Arab world, it is the multiplicity of models and heterogeneity of regimes that constitute reality.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Ferran Izquierdo Brichs 1 Sociology of Power in Today’s Arab World 2 Algeria: Post-Colonial Power Structure and reproduction of Elites Without Renewal – Rafel Bustos & Aurelia Mane 3 Algeria:Whither Algeria? Two Normalizations, Three Unresolved Crises and Two Crucial Unknowns.– Ivan Martin 4 Morocco: The Reinvention of an Authoritarian System – Laura Felieu & Angustias Parejo 5 Morocco: Regime and Fuses-Bernabe Lopez Garcia 6¿E Pur Si Muove? Logics of Power and the Process of Transition in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania– Raquel Ojeda Garcia & Alberto Lopez Bargados 7 Mauritania’s Challenges – Miguel Hernando de Larramendi 8 Contemporary Egypt: between Reform and Continuity – Athina Kemou & Barbera Azaola 9 Egypt: from Yesterday to the Present  - Gema Martin Munoz 10 Saudi Arabia: Family, Religion, Army and Oil – Eduard Soler & Luciano Zaccara 11 The Futures of Saudi Arabia – Fred Halliday 12 The Syrian Ruling Elite and the Failure of the Repressive Trend– Ignacio Alvarez-Ossorio & Ignacio Gutierrez de Teran 13 What does the Future Hold? – Salam Kawakibi 14 Elites, Power and Political Change in post-war Lebanon– Amaia Goenaga & Elvira Sanchez Mateos15 Lebanon: Temporary or Lasting Peace? – George E. Irani  16 Jordan:the Survival of the Monarchy 17 Jordan: a delicate domestic and regional equilibrium–Haizam Amirah-Fernández

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Ferran Izquierdo Brichs is Lecturer in International Relations, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona