1st Edition

Politics and Educational Change An International Survey

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1981. Throughout the world, education is a highly contentious political issue. Politicians are involved in educational decision making at all levels and very often educational reform is as much motivated by political ideology as by educational considerations.

    This book, which draws together the work of many leading authorities, examines the current state of educational politics in many parts of the world. The book looks at the problem from a theoretical and a comparative perspective, and then analyses the problem in particular areas which include North America, Western Europe and Third World countries. 

      Introduction, Broadfoot, Brock, Tulasiewicz. 1. The Changing Nature of Educational Politics in the 1970’s, Fowler. 2. Educational Politics: A model for their analysis, Archer. 3. The Changing Nature of Educational Politics in North America, Cowen. 4. New Influences on Educational Policies in Western Europe During the Seventies, Neave. 5. Theory and Practice: A Comparison Between the English Comprehensive School and the French College Unique, Pautler. 6. Political or Educational Advance Through Secondary Reorganisation? Higginson. 7. The Roles of Politicians, Bureaucrats and Experts in Educational Reform in Sweden, Burns. 8. Ideology and Politics in Chinese Education, Sloss. The Political Context of Education in Bangladesh 1971-1980, Dove. 9. Higher Education and Political Change in Thailand, Watson. 10. Education in the Hebrides: A Pawn in the Political Game, Durston. 11. Politics and Educational Change in Chile: 1964-1980, Aedo-Richmond, Brock, Noguera.


      Patricia Broadfoot, Colin Brock, Witold Tulasiewicz