1st Edition

Popular Print Media 1820-1900

    1736 Pages
    by Routledge

    Popular Print Media 1820-1900 makes available a selection of articles from nineteenth-century newspapers, periodicals and books which are otherwise unavailable except in their original publications.
    The collection also includes a significant amount of material that highlights the complex and changing importance of women in and for the nineteenth-century media at large.
    The collection is made up of three volumes, divided into six sections and will cover the following themes: technology, reading spaces , influence of print, graphic media, serial fiction, periodicals and the 'popular'.
    Each section includes a new introduction by the editors.
    The editors will also include a thematic table that enables readers to pursue a specific conceptual and/or historical issue, such as the impact of serial publication upon practices of reading and authorship.

    Section 1: 1820s: Setting the Scene
    Section 2: 1832-1841: Reforming Readers: Influence, Improvement and the Cheap Periodical
    Section 3: 1842-1854: The Commercial Model: The ILN, the Family Herald and the Dominance of Commercialism
    Section 4: 1855-1869: Regulatory Reform: Removal of the Stamp Tax and the Independent Press
    Section 5: 1870-1888: The Education Act and the Creation of a Mass Market
    Section 6: 1889-1900: The New Journalism, Decadence and the Fin-de-Si├Ęcle