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Postcolonial Politics

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‘Postcolonial Politics’ is a series that publishes books that lie at the intersection of politics and postcolonial theory. That point of intersection once barely existed; its recent emergence is enabled, first, because a new form of ‘politics’ is beginning to make its appearance. Intellectual concerns that began life as a (yet unnamed) set of theoretical interventions from scholars largely working within the ‘New Humanities’ have now begun to migrate into the realm of politics. The result is politics with a difference, with a concern for the everyday, the ephemeral, the serendipitous and the unworldly. Second, postcolonial theory has raised a new set of concerns in relation to understandings of the non-West. At first these concerns and these questions found their home in literary studies, but they were also, always, political. Edward Said’s binary of ‘Europe and its other’ introduced us to a ‘style of thought’ that was as much political as it was cultural as much about the politics of knowledge as the production of knowledge, and as much about life on the street as about a philosophy of being, A new, broader and more reflexive understanding of politics, and a new style of thinking about the non-Western world, make it possible to ‘think’ politics through postcolonial theory, and to ‘do’ postcolonial theory in a fashion which picks up on its political implications.

Postcolonial Politics attempts to pick up on these myriad trails and disruptive practices. The series aims to help us read culture politically, read ‘difference’ concretely, and to problematise our ideas of the modern, the rational and the scientific by working at the margins of a knowledge system that is still logocentric and Eurocentric. This is where a postcolonial politics hopes to offer new and fresh visions of both the postcolonial and the political.

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The Economics of Empire Genealogies of Capital and the Colonial Encounter

The Economics of Empire: Genealogies of Capital and the Colonial Encounter

1st Edition

Edited By Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem, Michael O'Sullivan
August 01, 2022

The Economics of Empire: Genealogies of Capital and the Colonial Encounter is a multidisciplinary intervention into postcolonial theory that constructs and theorizes a political economy of empire. This comprehensive collection traces the financial genealogies associated with the colonial enterprise...

Dipesh Chakrabarty and the Global South Subaltern Studies, Postcolonial Perspectives, and the Anthropocene

Dipesh Chakrabarty and the Global South: Subaltern Studies, Postcolonial Perspectives, and the Anthropocene

1st Edition

Edited By Saurabh Dube, Sanjay Seth, Ajay Skaria
December 23, 2019

Over the last four decades, Dipesh Chakrabarty’s astonishingly wide-ranging scholarship has elaborated a range of important issues, especially those of modernity, identity, and politics – in dialogue with postcolonial theory and critical historiography – on global and planetary scales. All of this ...

Decolonising Governance Archipelagic Thinking

Decolonising Governance: Archipelagic Thinking

1st Edition

By Paul Carter
September 17, 2018

Power may be globalized, but Westphalian notions of sovereignty continue to determine political and legal arrangements domestically and internationally: global issues - the legacy of colonialism expressed in continuing human displacement and environmental destruction - are thus treated ‘parochially...

Domestic Spaces in Post-Mao China On Electronic Household Appliances

Domestic Spaces in Post-Mao China: On Electronic Household Appliances

1st Edition

By Wang Min’an
December 06, 2017

Unconventional, creative, and highly original, Wang Min’an’s work centres on the assemblage of household machines that create the space of contemporary domesticity. It offers pathways to a new understanding of how the sudden commodification of domestic space in China beginning in the late 1980s has...

Japanese Poetry and its Publics From Colonial Taiwan to Fukushima

Japanese Poetry and its Publics: From Colonial Taiwan to Fukushima

1st Edition

By Dean Anthony Brink
October 09, 2017

  This book aims to explore precisely how modern Japanese poetry has remained central to public life in both Japan and its former colony of Taiwan. Though classical Japanese poetry has captivated the imagination of Asian studies scholars, little research has been conducted to explore its role in ...

Multicultural Politics of Recognition and Postcolonial Citizenship Rethinking the Nation

Multicultural Politics of Recognition and Postcolonial Citizenship: Rethinking the Nation

1st Edition

By Rachel Busbridge
July 20, 2017

This book examines claims for recognition of cultural difference from immigrant and Indigenous minorities, highlighting the ways in which they intersect with ideas of national community. Busbridge argues that there is an important, albeit under-explored, relationship between nation and ...

Gender, Orientalism, and the ‘War on Terror' Representation, Discourse, and Intervention in Global Politics

Gender, Orientalism, and the ‘War on Terror': Representation, Discourse, and Intervention in Global Politics

1st Edition

By Maryam Khalid
June 07, 2017

This book offers an accessible and timely analysis of the ‘War on Terror’, based on an innovative approach to a broad range of theoretical and empirical research. It uses ‘gendered orientalism’ as a lens through which to read the relationship between the George W. Bush administration, gendered and ...

From International Relations to Relations International Postcolonial Essays

From International Relations to Relations International: Postcolonial Essays

1st Edition

Edited By Philip Darby
December 08, 2015

This book brings postcolonial critique directly to bear on established ways of theorizing international relations. Its primary concern is with the non-European world and its relations with the North. In advancing an alternative conception of "relations international", the book draws on alternative ...

The City as Target

The City as Target

1st Edition

Edited By Ryan Bishop, Gregory Clancey, John W. Phillips
November 10, 2014

Bringing together scholars from a diverse range of disciplines, The City as Target provides a sustained and critical response to the relationship between the concept of targeting (in its many forms) and notions of understanding, imagining and shaping the urban. Among the many spatial and graphic ...

Reconciliation and Pedagogy

Reconciliation and Pedagogy

1st Edition

Edited By Pal Ahluwalia, Stephen Atkinson, Peter Bishop, Pam Christie, Robert Hattam, Julie Matthews
November 07, 2013

Reconciliation is one of the most significant contemporary challenges in the world today. In this innovative new volume, educational academics and practitioners across a range of cultural and political contexts examine the links between reconciliation and critical pedagogy, putting forward the ...

China and Orientalism Western Knowledge Production and the PRC

China and Orientalism: Western Knowledge Production and the PRC

1st Edition

By Daniel Vukovich
April 11, 2013

This book argues that there is a new, Sinological form of orientalism at work in the world. It has shifted from a logic of ‘essential difference’ to one of ‘sameness’ or general equivalence. "China" is now in a halting but inevitable process of becoming-the-same as the USA and the West. Orientalism...

Everyday Practice of Race in America Ambiguous Privilege

Everyday Practice of Race in America: Ambiguous Privilege

1st Edition

By Utz McKnight
June 02, 2010

An original contribution to political theory and cultural studies this work argues for a reinterpretation of how race is described in US society. McKnight develops a line of reasoning to explain how we accommodate racial categories in a period when it has become important to adopt anti-racist ...

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