1st Edition

Postfoundational Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry

Edited By Lisa A. Mazzei, Alecia Y. Jackson Copyright 2024
    296 Pages 36 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 36 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Postfoundational Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry is an edited collection that aims to move beyond a critique and deconstruction of method in order to present an engagement with various postfoundational frameworks and approaches that produce new concepts and enactments. What makes this book innovative is the singular focus on postfoundational paradigms, borrowed from the humanities and sciences, that are enveloped in what is referred to as the ontological turn, the new empiricisms, and the new materialisms.

    Postfoundational inquiry is conceived by the editors as emergent, relational, responsive, involuntary, and inventive. While the editors name the facets of these contingent approaches and explain how they work, they do so not in order to fix a new method, but to spur new connectives. In this collection, authors take up a range of postfoundational theories such as poststructuralism, posthumanism, postcolonialism, feminist new materialism, speculative/ new empiricism, agential realism, immanent ontologies, and affect theory. Provoked by a series of reorienting questions, chapters in the book offer enactments as a way of unfurling what is unthought, not yet, and becoming. The chapters are organized according to four Openings: Atmospheres, Affects, and Hauntings; Archives, Worldings, and Sketchings; Escaping Tradition, Beginning Elsewhere, and the Politics of Doing Otherwise; Pre-personal Agencies and Thought Taking Flight.

    This book can be used as a standalone text in advanced qualitative inquiry courses, or as a supplementary text in courses that examine the use of theory in research.


    List of contributors

    Foreword: Refusing man and his method in postfoundational inquiry

    Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre

    1 Postfoundational inquiry after method: reorientations, enactments, and openings

    Alecia Y. Jackson and Lisa A. Mazzei


    Atmospheres, affects, and hauntings

    2 Sonic disruptions to sexual violence lessons in the science lab: a postfoundational discursive-material-affective-sensorial approach

    Bárbara Berger Correa and Jessica Ringrose

    3 Affective attunements to violence in educational inquiry: queering critique

    Bessie P. Dernikos and Nancy Lesko

    4 Atmospheric data and software arts: new ways of investigating the built environment

    Elizabeth de Freitas and Laura Trafí-Prats

    5 Absence and refusing the given

    Asilia Franklin-Phipps


    Archives, worldings, and sketchings

    6 A performative and vibrant cartography: re-animating the archive

    Dorthe Staunæs and Pil Mengel

    7 Adventures requiring care and recklessness: a playful archive

    Jayne Osgood

    8 Common worlding pedagogies in early childhood

    Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and Mindy Blaise

    9 Inquiry as if sketch

    Petra Mikulan and Nathalie Sinclair

    10 Inquiring with cascade questioning: sketching a phenomenon

    Malou Juelskjær


    Escaping tradition, beginning elsewhere, and the politics of doing otherwise

    11 "All things are one:" postfoundational inquiries and pre-Socratic western thought

    Marek Tesar

    12 Pedagogy in the context of postfoundational inquiry: reading-writing-thinking-making together

    Candace R. Kuby and Vivienne Bozalek

    13 Ontologies of possibility and loss in posthumanist inquiry: lessons from the study of systemic racism

    Jerry Lee Rosiek and Scott L. Pratt


    Pre-personal agencies and thought taking flight

    14 Dancing with the Chinese "wind" as postfoundational inquiry

    Weili Zhao

    15 Multiple storying of crisis and hope: feminist new materialisms as an emergent ethico-onto-epistemology of multiple messmates at different scales

    Hillevi Lenz Taguchi and Teresa Elkin Postila

    16 Transversal inquiry: the "adventure of the involuntary"

    Maggie MacLure

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    Lisa A. Mazzei is Alumni Faculty Professor of Education at the University of Oregon, United States, where she is also Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Philosophy. She is interested in philosophically informed inquiry that opens thought to the not yet.

    Alecia Y. Jackson is Professor of Social Theory and Research at Appalachian State University, United States, where she is also Affiliated Faculty in the Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies program. Her scholarship seeks to animate philosophical frameworks in the production of the new, and her current projects are focused on the ontological turn, qualitative inquiry, and thought.