1st Edition

Practice and Automatization in Second Language Research Perspectives from Skill Acquisition Theory and Cognitive Psychology

Edited By Yuichi Suzuki Copyright 2024
    296 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Practice is a recurring and popular theme in language education. However, the concepts of practice and automatization have recently received renewed theoretical and practical interest and are increasingly being explored from the skill acquisition theory and cognitive psychology perspectives.

    In this volume, leading scholars discuss the optimal types, amounts, and schedules of practice for specific language structures and skills, as well as for various types of learners and learning contexts, to facilitate second language development. They illuminate how practice is instantiated for specific groups of teachers and learners in diverse institutionalized contexts, such as foreign language curriculum development, intelligent computer-assisted language learning systems, task-based language teaching, and study abroad. Furthermore, original methodological syntheses of extant research on practice and automatization are presented, along with guides for conducting empirical research on these topics.

    Practice and Automatization in Second Language Research: Perspectives from Skill Acquisition Theory and Cognitive Psychology is a valuable resource and reference for graduate students and researchers in the field of SLA and applied linguistics.

    List of contributors     



    Chapter 1 Introduction: Practice and Automatization in a Second Language

    Yuichi Suzuki


    PART I Foundations

    Chapter 2 Explicit learning at the initial stages of SLA: Optimizing input and intake processing

    Yuichi Suzuki, Tatsuya Nakata, and John Rogers


    Chapter 3 Skill learning theories and language teaching: Different strokes for different folks

    Masatoshi Sato


    PART II Teaching Approaches and Contexts

    Chapter 4 Situating practice in a limited-exposure, foreign languages school curriculum Emma Marsden and Rachel Hawkes


    Chapter 5 Supporting individualized practice through Intelligent CALL

    Simon Ruiz, Patrick Rebuschat, and Detmar Meurers


    Chapter 6 Integrating systematic practice into task-based language teaching

    Craig Lambert


    Chapter 7 Practice in study abroad contexts

    Kevin McManus


    PART III Methodological Synthesis

    Chapter 8 A synthesis of L2 practice research: What is “practice” and how has it been investigated?

    Ryo Maie and Aline Godfroid


    Chapter 9 Measuring automaticity in a second language: A methodological synthesis of experimental tasks over three decades (1990-2021)

    Yuichi Suzuki and Irina Elgort


    Chapter 10 Measuring speaking and writing fluency: A methodological synthesis focusing on automaticity

    Shungo Suzuki and Andrea Révész


    Chapter 11 Conclusion: Future directions of practice and automatization research

    Yuichi Suzuki






    Yuichi Suzuki is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Cross-Cultural and Japanese Studies at Kanagawa University, Japan.